Saturday, April 19, 2008

Photo Saturday

There is a cemetery just down the road from my house and today I went there to take some pictures. I have this fascination with cemetery's and I think part of it is all the history.

Here are some photos I took today:

Overall today has been a good day, but something horrible did happen a few hours ago. I was sitting here with the window open when I heard what sounded like a cat fight in the woods. There are a million stray cats and I figured two of the cats were fighting. But the cries got louder and did not stop. When I opened my door I saw two dogs in the woods and I realized they were attacking one of the stray cats. I was literally paralyzed with fear and could not move. I knew at this point the cat was dead because the cries had stopped.

It was the most horrible thing I have ever seen and I can still hear the cat screaming. I wish people would be more responsible with their pets; both cat owners and dog owners.


redfrog27 said...

That is awful.Being a cat owner and a dog owner I know how you feel I dont like to hear the stray cats fighting let alone two dogs picking on a cat

Lynilu said...

Ohhhh. I really hate to hear that. My heart hurts right now. :'(

I love cemeteries, too. And I agree with you, it is the love of history. I like to walk and read and imagine the lives of those remembered in the stone. That is a pretty cemetery near you. I used to say I wanted to be buried there because of the beautiful rolling hills. Now I'd prefer cremation and being scattered. It's a great place to walk, too, isn't it?

Lee said...

yikes, how disturbing...beautiful photos of the graveyard...I especially love the one on top!

Sandra said...

I love cemeteries too, imagining what sort of lives people had 100 years ago. The old headstones are the best, especially the ones with beautiful statutes.

Maybe the cat got away? I really want to think that!!!!

Sandra said...

Statues, not statutes. I've been watching too much CourtTV.

Sharon said...

Beautiful photos. You are a very skilled photographer.