Sunday, April 06, 2008

Grocery Prices

I have realized lately how much the cost of groceries is going up. The last six months or so I have noticed the prices going up slowly, but it seems that in the last month there has been a huge increase.

I decided that I would buy each of our residential units some fruit. Our agency does not get that much fresh fruit, so when the clients do get it they are very happy. For $30 I got 2 bags of oranges and 2 bags of apples. To me that is insane. The last time I bought a big bag of oranges it was $2.99. Yesterday I paid $6.78 per bag.

I have no idea how families are doing it with the prices of groceries going as high as they are. What's sad is, the food that is best for you is the most expensive and most low income families simply can not afford fruits and vegetables.

I am thankful that I can still afford fresh fruits and vegetables, but if the prices continue to rise I will not be able to afford them.

Have you guys noticed the same increase in groceries?


Lynilu said...

Yeah, I've noticed. It's INSANE!!!!

Kerry said...

Yes I have too. It's insane to try and feed 6 kids and us on what I used to be able to spend. Oh and gas is another nightmare as well. I hope things slow down soon. I often wonder what would happen to the price of oil if we stopped giving financial aid to those countries that control the oil.

redfrog27 said...

Ummmmmmm this is a touchy subject with me.45 percent of Mikes check (my husband) goes to the house payment insane.It seems like the other half goes to gas to get back and forth to work.I am friends and have served on various committees with the lady that does our medical coverage (Mike is a diabetic) so to help cover the costs of his medicine he gets insurance through the state plus what he has at work,and we were talking and I pointed out that if the goverment cant do anything about the price of gas and then the price of food rising to cover the price of gas then they should make more families eligble for food stamps.Then I got people like my sister in law that says we are eliglbe (her husband got laid off) but I wont use them cause people will think I am poor and I commented to her and said then I wont feel to bad when you cant get food to feed your family.I know I am not making sense but damn it all if food is going to be this high then the goverment needs to step in and help its not fair to decide gas or food ecspecially when you have children to feed.Thanks Caroline for letting me vent didnt mean to write such a long comment

Casey said...

Well now - this is timely as we just returned from a trip to the grocery store. At WalMart today, groceries for two weeks for a family of four ran $320.00. A year ago these exact groceries ran us at least $100 less.

Has our income increase? No. Has everything else, like gas, increased? Yes.

We are struggling and it's getting downright terrifying.

Caroline said...

lynilu--is it just me or has it really increased in the last month or so?

kerry--wow, i can only imagine what your grocery bill is with 6 kids. and that is an excellent question you asked about the oil.

redfrog27--i am glad you were able to vent a little. i can see how frustrating it is for you. i am sorry that you are going through a rough time right now...BTW, do you have a blog?

casey--never before have i had to budget in gas for my car. now that it costs almost $50 to fill my car it's like i have another bill every week and sometimes twice a week.

cristin said...

It's so expensive it's scary. My kids literally live on fruits and veggies. They love them. I now check the weekly ads of stores which I never had to do before. My partner owns a restaurant and makes a great living, but her pay check isn't going that far anymore. I refuse to spend a fortune on food. It's a necessity and it's so RIDICULOUS!

redfrog27 said...

Caroline I dont have a blog thinking about starting one though although I dont know what I would write about my life isnt that interesting lol

Patti said...

I can't say that i've notice but we eat out alot (too much). How sad that the things that are best for you are so freaking expensive.

Sonya said...

YES - it feels like everything is costing more. I may not be on a retirement income but it sure feels pretty fixed to me!

And this week all 5 kids are at home all day (due to spring break) so we had big shopping trips this weekend to stock up.

And yet... our local govt is trying to pass a tax increase on GAS. Unbelievable.