Saturday, April 05, 2008

After Thought

Ever since I put up that post last night I have been feeling guilty. I am not too sure why, but I feel that maybe it was unfair because she did not have a chance to defend herself in a fair way. But I am going to leave it up anyway, because after all, it is the truth and something inside needed to get it out.

But I read this blog post this morning and it got me thinking.

Yes Laura betrayed me in ways that no one ever has, but she was also played a very important role in my growth as a person. I truly believe that if it weren't for her I would not have had the courage (BTW, thanks for the card Traci) to stand up to my family and church and chose me for the first time.

My heart broke into a million pieces, but sometimes what you create from a million pieces is so much more beautiful then the original.


Audra said...

That is very very true. Even our bad experiences can help make us a better person.

Eye of the Rainbow said...

Not to change the subject but how is the post card project going?? U got mine right??
PS, you have ever right to feel how you do. Keep your chin up!

Recovering Straight Girl said...

That post was about people on the internet slamming others to cause them pain. I know I don't need to explain, but I wanted to be sure that you knew it wasn't about you!

J said...

"My heart broke into a million pieces, but sometimes what you create from a million pieces is so much more beautiful then the original."

Very beautiful words.. :)

Patti said...

That is a wonderful outlook on the Laura situation!

Lynilu said...

Your heart broke into a million pieces, but sometimes the mosaic created from the shards of shattered pottery is much more beautiful than the original, whole piece.

I see life as a patchwork quilt, in which we take the small pieces of experience and put them together in a pattern that makes sense. A quilt is much prettier than the original pieces of fabric, regardless of how they shimmer or how their colors and patterns attract us. It has depth, it tells a story, and each piece relies on the others to complete it. That's life.

Your life used to be one piece of fabric that encased you and kept you covered and on path. But there were a lot of snags and flaws in the fabric. You started picking at those imperfections by questioning, and... gasp ... thinking! Now that you have broken out of the confines of that old life, you are putting the scraps of life's fabric together and seeing the wonder of the array. In doing so, you cut out the holes and imperfections, and in their place are new bright pieces that make you happy, give you reason to smile. Love your quilt, Caroline.

Never, ever apologize for the wrongs of someone else. That's done, and it's not your problem. When people do stupid, they have to live with stupid, and sometimes their name becomes Stupid. Big deal. And don't apologize because you tell the truth about a situation. If it's the truth,!! Laura gave you no chance to defend yourself. She deserves no better. Just put the good pieces in your quilt, along with those of your parents, the religion(?), the marriage, and all the other pieces. That's what will keep you from being cold in the hard times, knowing that you were strong enough to make that quilt.