Friday, March 21, 2008

What the Flu Taught Me.....

~No one has to worry about me becoming bulimic.

~The worst part about getting sick and living by yourself is the cleaning up part. I almost got sick again while cleaning up the bathroom.

~Sprite tastes really good.

~Dogs like crackers (no surprise), but I was surprised to learn that cats also love saltine crackers. Go figure.

~Sophie is the best dog ever. On Thursday when I could barely walk to the bathroom she was patient with me when I just walked her 10 feet out the door. She even went "poop" without having to walk our normal 1/2 mile.

~Ben loves to sleep right next to me when I have a fever. I think he thought I was his own personal heating pad.

~Even if you feel OK that does not mean you are ready to enter the real world again. I went to pick up a pair of Crocs I had placed on hold last weekend and just the drive to the store took the little energy I had. I then stopped at the grocery store and realized how tired I was and went straight home before I passed out.

~Having the flu is wonderful for losing weight. Not eating anything for 2 days (plus getting rid of any food I had on Wednesday) has helped me lose 5 pounds.

~It sucks to be hungry, but have no appetite.

~I am trying to figure out why I got the flu shot?

~I read on the Internet that virus' can not be passed between humans and pets, but I wonder what is going on with all the sickness that has been going on with me and all pets in my home. Sophie had diarrhea on Sunday morning, Lynilu's dog China got sick on Sunday, Bonk threw up a little (might have been a hairball), Sadie threw up twice, Ben seems to have a cold and then I got sick. I am thinking I need to scrub my entire apartment down with bleach.


LostInCO said...

Take things slow girl. It takes time to get over such a horrible bout of the flu. I'm sure the pets getting sick is not related to you being sick. Most likely it is stress. Moving, traveling,not being home, etc. typically causes pets to get diarrhea. Anyways take things will probably take a couple of weeks until you have your energy totally back.

Sandra said...

Yeah unfortunately being sick is better than any diet for losing weight. Even less fun than a diet though. :(

Hope today is the end of all this!!!

traci said...

Look at it this way, if you scrub down your entire apartment with bleach, it won't take nearly the amount of time it would have taken to scrub down your house!

I'm glad you're feeling a bit better my dear. Being sick is no fun. Don't rush things ok? Give yourself time to recover.

Lynilu said...

I heard on the news that the flu vaccine prepared this year simply missed the target as some strains that were not anticipated got through.

I know you needed to do those errands, but didn't I tell you to stay home????? tsk,tsk.


Patti said...

You learned alot from that bout with the flu!