Saturday, March 22, 2008


I finally found something other then the pets to take pictures of. I can't wait until spring really comes to life outside. These tulips have really given me inspiration to get out there and take pictures of all the things coming to life.

Look who wanted to see what was going on.


Eye of the Rainbow said...

You always take good pictures, I cant wait til spring gets here to see more .

Julie said...

Glad you are feeling better!
I'm taking the camera out today too...Spring, yay!

Betty said...

Wow- that stomach flu sounded horrendous, especially because it happened to someone who, like me, never throws up! I hope you're all better now.

These photos are beautiful, and they remind me that i want to start carrying my camera around, especially now that spring is coming!


Lynilu said...

Pretty tulips. Handsome Ben.

We are socked in with fog today! I can't believe it!And it's only 28 degrees out there now. shiver. After several gloriously warm days, this just sucks!

Happy Easter!

Patti said...

We had a row of 50 tulips at our country house. I want to get some started at this house we're in now. I love tulips!