Thursday, March 27, 2008

House and Home

It's been a very busy day. It got started early when I had to take the pets to the old house. Because Ben is so good at hiding when he realizes he is going in the kennel I had to be kind of sneaky about everything this morning. Last night I got out the kennel and set it in the living room so there would be no running away from it in the morning. I took Sophie for a short walk and the loaded her up in the car. I then went back and got the cats. Ben knew something was up so he went under the bed. I had to trick him into thinking he was getting a can of moist cat food for him to come out. Once I got him in the kennel (boy was he mad) I then went and got Bonk who was just sitting on the bed watching everything. I love Bonk because I think she is not all there and so she is usually not too aware of what is going on.

As we were driving, Sophie had this look of fear. She knew something was up since the cats were in the car with her. The closer we got to the old house the more excited Sophie became. When we pulled up she was jumping all around and couldn't wait to get out of the car. Seeing her so excited just broke my heart. I knew she really missed the house. When I let her in the backyard she went running and seemed so excited to be running in her yard. I put them all in the same room and then headed to work. I felt so bad leaving them and worried about them most of the day.

When I got off work I went and picked them up. I allowed Sophie about 15 minutes in her yard and then we headed back to the apartment. As we pulled up to the complex Sophie got very excited. When I opened the car door she went running out. Once we got in the apartment she laid down and went to sleep.

All day I worried about the pets and sad because I felt like I had taken them from their home. I started thinking about my neighbor and it just made me angry. Dogs bark and if you live in a complex that allows pets, then you need to be patient when a dog barks now and then. Seeing how excited Sophie was when she was in the yard made me sad that she no longer has a yard to run in.

Right now I am looking at one dog and two cats that are sound asleep right next to me. Seeing this made me realize that it doesn't really matter where we live because as long as Bonk, Ben and Sophie are with me; they are happy.

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Lynilu said...

At least Sophie was happy about coming back to the apartment (HOME, now), so she probably isn't hurting or missing the house as badly as you think. I know she likes to just run, but being with you is what she needs, period!

Caroline, I know how good you are to and with your pets ... their lives are good. Quit worrying. :)