Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Are You For Real?~Updated

I had a notice on my door from my apartment complex saying they are going to be spraying my apartment tomorrow. On the notice it said to restrain all animals/pets. I went by the managers office to ask what they suggest I do since I am in a studio. The manager asked if I had a kennel for Sophie and when I told her no, she gave me the weirdest look. She seemed very shocked that I don't put Sophie in a kennel. She then told me to just put her and the cat (they think I only have one) in the bathroom for the day. I'm not too sure how this will work out because like my apartment, my bathroom is very small. I'm not real sure what to do.

The manager then let me know that my upstairs neighbor has been complaining about Sophie barking. This completely shocks me. Sophie really doesn't bark that much and I am not sure why someone would complain about it. I told the manager that last Saturday there was a party at the club house and there were about 15 kids right next to my building that were very loud and Sophie was barking at them. These kids were so loud and so close to the apartment that I was getting annoyed at them. I really hope the manager does not think I am going to be a problem tenant.

When I moved in this neighbor was really nice and told me that if he ever made to much noise to just let him know. I really wish he had done the same and just let me know that Sophie's barking was bothering him.

I went to this neighbors door to apologize and let him know to just let me know if Sophie is barking too much, but he didn't answer the door. It's weird because as Sophie and I were walking up to the managers office this neighbor came home and I said HI to him. He didn't even look up when he said Hi to me. The funny this is, when Sophie saw him tonight she barked at him. You tell him Sophie.....

This morning I took all the pets back to the old house so they would be out of the way when they spray my apartment and I saw one of my other neighbors. This guys also has a dog and I asked him if Sophie barked too much and he laughed because he thought I was joking. I told him which neighbor complained and he said that neighbor is always complaining about something/someone. This neighbor said that his dog was also barking like crazy last Saturday because of the party at the clubhouse. This neighbor told me not to worry too much about this. I already feel better. Although Sophie did let out a small bark in her sleep last night and I shot up and told her to be quiet. She looked at me like I was crazy.


amy h said...

One time I was dogsitting for my mom when Chris and I were dating, and I left Casey in his apartment for the day. It was ONE day, and she barked a little. The neighbors called the landlord and never once tried to talk to Chris first. I don't know what the problem is with just talking to the person before going to the landlord...

You could take Sophie to work. :) If I'd known earlier, you could have borrowed Little Man's travel crate. It's fairly good size. Let me know if you ever need it again.

Audra said...

Ah, the joys of apartment life. I am dreading moving into a small space because I have a feeling that something very similar would happen.

I don't understand why people can't just talk to the neighbor first.

Once I was living in a very nice building with three roommates and they made one heck of a noise one morning and the downstairs people came to complain. I felt SO bad because by the time they came to complain, of course the roomies were gone.

So we baked them a plate of cookies with an apology note attached, and that mended things pretty well :)

Julie said...

My neighbor downstairs used to be a real complainer, and I being nice didn't just made him feel more justified. What worked: each time he complained to me about something (feeding squirrels, walking too hard on floors) I say "hey, the way, turn your stereo down after 9 please, or...boy, your dog sure likes to bark when you guys arent around." In truth, his barking dog or stereo dont bother me at all but he has to know that his presence is felt too. It works!

Patti said...

Oh boy I hope you don't have neighbor drama. That is the only bad thing about living in an apartment.
Hope all goes well with the spraying. Just remember Caroline:
"and this, too, shall pass".

Sandra said...

I was surprised that you'd found an apartment that allowed dogs, because pretty much ALL dogs bark. Laddie would get me evicted day one with all his barky nonsense. One thing that makes him bark less is drawing curtains/blinds so he can't see what's going on outside, sometimes I have to do this just to have a break! Maybe Sophie sees too much activity out the windows when you're gone during the day - could you try blocking off her view?

Caroline said...

amy--thank you so much for that offer. i may have to take you up on that one day.

audra--i am going to write this neighbor a note saying i am sorry and give him my cellphone number so he can call me if sophie is barking too much. i like your idea with the cookies

julie--i am hoping that if i write this guy a note and maybe give him some cookies he won't be so eager to call the manager everytime sophie barks

patti--the good thing is the manager did not seem too upset about it. she just happen to say something to me because i was in the wasn't like they had to call me

sandra--i don't think the problem is sophie barking during the day. there was a huge party at the club house last saturday and sophie was barking at all the noise they made. this guy isn't even home during the day

Patti said...

Do NOT let this freak of a neighbor freak you out. Sophie is a good dog.

Sandra said...

Ohhh, good thing you ran into that neighbor, that puts everything in perspective!! You don't need to worry.