Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Crappy Wednesday

So far this Wednesday is not getting off to a good start.

1. I had a good run, but it seems that I have finally caught the nasty cold that is going around. I don't feel that bad (yet), but I know before long I will be feeling like total crap. And this couldn't come at a worse time since Lynilu is coming to visit in two days. Agh.

2. My brother found my blog. He googled my name and left a nasty comment on my last post. I am soooooooo fucking mad that he has found me again. I really don't know what to do do. Why can't he just leave me the fuck alone?? He commented about how karma is a bitch and that is why I am living in such a small apartment, etc. I don't want to change blog names and I don't want to go private, so I think I am going to do comment moderation for a while. What a little prick.

Good thing is, it's only 6:30am and I have plenty of time to make this a great day.


cristin said...

Why don't you do nothing? You are a wonderful person, with a normal life. You have nothing to hide. Maybe he needs to see that your life isn't terrible, like he's been taught that it would be.

You are a good person with nothing to hide, I say let him read it and see that for himself. Don't acknowledge him, erase his hateful comments, just pretend he doesn't exist. Be strong and make a statement that says 'Too fucking bad, you want to find me? Here I am You don't like it? Don't read it. But this is my blog, this is my world, this is my life and I'm not going to change.'

traci said...

Honey, I think you need to leave his comments up for all of us to see. Then we could let him know how we feel about his nastiness. I mean, all he knows now is that he comments and pisses you off and hurts you. You're giving him all the power. What about YOUR power? You have power Caroline. You DO. This is your space. Yours. Take it back and let him see how much you are loved and how far you have come.

R and J said...

I'm sorry. that sucks that he found you and that he wrote nasty things. you don't deserve that.

Patti said...

You know your brother clearly has issues. He really needs to leave you alone and go on with his pathetic life.

LostInCO said...

Sorry your day isn't starting out well. Drink lots of fluids, take care of might be able to fight that nasty cold.

Whatever nasty things your brother said you do not deserve. You have many friends here that care about you whos comments count. His comment is nothing.

Caroline said...

cristin--you have a very good point. notice i did not put up the moderation. i have a post planned tonight to explain a few things

traci--thanks for the great words...i am going to leave his comments up from now on so everyone can see for their own eyes what an ass and liar is he

renee--thank you for your kind words. it's great that i have such great blogger friends

patti--you are right about that. what's funny is i found his myspace page and the lies he told on there are like a comedy. i was laughing my ass off

lostinco--i am drinking a lot of water and i think i may leave at 3 today to get some rest. i still don't feel that bad, but i am sooooo tired.

Eye of the Rainbow said...

I hope that you have a better rest of the day. Dont let the mean comments get to you, you know that you are a good person.

Sandra said...

If you're ok with what WE may say in response, I agree with Traci's suggestion.

If his life was so rich and full he wouldn't have TIME to snoop around in Google looking for you. I'm sure you don't waste time trying to find out what he's up to because that would be BORING. What a loser.

Oh if he's Jehovah's Witness, he shouldn't believe in karma.

Sonya said...

I'm sorry he can't leave you alone. I'm sorry he has nothing better to do. I agree with others - don't let him have the "power".

Hmmm... part of me wonders if he still "cares". Why else can't he let go?

And who cares if you are living in a small apartment. Sounds to me like you made the right decision FOR you, and that is all that matters. It isn't about the size of space or the material things. It is about feeling like you are "home".

B.E.C.K. said...

Last I checked, there was no shame in being gainfully employed (helping people, no less), supporting oneself and living a decent and honest life. I'm thinking your brother maybe learned a big, important-sounding word and couldn't wait to use it.

Anonymous said...

Man you really think I have nothing better to do than read all this crap yea right. I only read it every once in a while and you know this to be true. i have never dogged you out or anything like that I have only defended or parents on the lies you tell about them. Most people have never had life as good as you had it with them. True may have been pretty dysfunctional but you had things most people have or well never in life. But by your actions and your choices is why things are the way they are and you know that to be true. Dad is not a JW and was never mad at you for being gay he knew for two years before mom did and never just cut you off. You chose after meeting Laura to tell dad to fuck off on the money issue because she didn't want you paying him look where that got ya. He warned you about putting her on everything house cars ETC but you would not listen that is why he quit talking to you. You are the one who told him to fuck off. I just don't get where you come form making all this shit up. Dad still had the promissory note you singed for payment back on the car do you remember that? My life is great and to your readers I could give a shit about your life except the fact that I will stand by mom and dad's side against anyone who dogs them out and it's that simple. Oh and fo r the person that you think knows so much about what goes on in my life she really has no idea about me or my life. Ask her how the last court date. Not well for her thats why she got threw on 90 days probation and has to get a whole bunch of stuff done by then or she is deep shit. If I am so pathetic why I am I the one that has the leg to stand on? As for leaving you alone her hurting your feel goods and ETC. Karma is a bitch and if these people knew half of what you had and you just threw it away over some dumb bitch. Its not the fact that you gay its the fact that they tried to warn you and you told them fuck off. Mom has her beliefs but as far as dad goes if the world turn in a day he is good as long as you don't fuck him and you did. You chose to let Laura be your back bone on some things that you should not have and now you are paying for it. You know here is something you can blog about and I would even like to know. How do you explain our atheist father havening a problem with you being gay? Most of dad newer friends are gay true? I just don't get it. If you want to call me liar that is fine I am not going to deny havening to do what I had to do to survive for many years but you know I am proud of who have become and who I am. I think its all your problems you have and you need someone to blame and JW and mom and dad and who ever else you want to throw out that day is who you are going to blame. One of your readers commented that whats wrong with being gainfully employed and ETC then why did the house go up for auction and ETC. And as for your job Social worker here is all have to say about that the nuts leading the nuts LOL now that is a good one but all are.
No hurt meant here at all you just need to grow the fuck up and take some responsibly for your own actions. Who gives a shit if you are gay or not just live up to all the bridges you have burnt and life will get easier