Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pictures of a Conversation

I decided it was time to tell the babies that we were moving. Here is how our conversations went:

Hey Sophie, I have some really exciting news for you!!
Huh? Did you say we're going for a walk?

No, we're not going for a walk, but we are moving this Saturday. Our new place will be a lot smaller, but I will be able to take you for walks each and every day. How do you feel about this?
Well, I hate the thought of moving, but since we get to go on walks everyday I guess it will be fine.

Then it was time to talk to the newest member of our family:
Mr. Fish you have survived when all those around you did not. Because of that you will be coming with us to our new home. How do you feel about this?

He really didn't respond. (Please do say some prayers for Mr. Fish. He isn't looking so good after I moved him to the small fish bowl)

It was then time to break the news to Bonk and here was her response:
I am 21 and barely remember who I am every morning. Do you really think I care that we are moving. And by the way, please stop taking my picture.

And finally it was time to talk to Ben. I am the most worried about him because he gets scared of his own shadow. Here was Ben's response:

Um, I have a question. When did we vote on this move because I sure don't remember voting for this.

I do believe this weekend will be very very interesting. But a time like this reminds me of one of my favorite Little House episodes: As long as we are together, we will be fine.


Lynilu said...

There is wa-a-a-ay too much idle chatter at your house! And what's with Ben thinking there would be a vote? Doesn't he know you have a dictatorship, not a democracy?

Silly cat!

SassyFemme said...

LMAO @ your translation of Bonk's response!

sageweb said...

Oh so cute...dogs just want to be with you...Cats on the other hand get pissed when you move.

Patti said...

Girl I am laughing my ASS off at Bonk. Oh dear God I aspire to be Bonk when I get "old".