Saturday, December 22, 2007

Welcome Winter

About five minutes after I feel asleep last night I got a call from work. I ended up going in at 11:15 and worked until about 1am. We had a new client admitted that is in a wheelchair and the techs were having problems with his medication and oh yea, he got stuck in the bathtub. Never a dull moment at my job.

At our managers meeting yesterday, M gave us all a popcorn bowl (which was filled with a ton of candy) and 2 personalized mugs. It really was a cool gift. We each got a mug with our name on it and then one with our spouses name. Since I am not with anyone she said that when I meet someone she will put their name on it. I will know that I have met that someone special when I give them that mug.

Today is the perfect first day of winter. We are getting snow and it's suppose to snow all day with blizzard like conditions. Sophie keeps asking to go outside and then within a few minutes she is wanting back in. I am so happy that there is someone else that loves the snow as much as I do.

One of my favorite co-workers has invited me to her house for Christmas brunch. L is over the Women's Unit and we work closely together with client issues and tech issues. Her office is right down the hall from mine and we always go outside to smoke together. L has a Great Dane named Hank and it's nice to know someone that loves their dog as much as I love Sophie. When I first started she had just changed her name after getting married. I saw something with her maiden name on it and I remembered having a history teacher in high school with this name. I asked her if that was her Dad and she said it was. We always joke about her Dad being one of my teachers. So, I will go with L and her husband to her parents house for brunch. It's going to be interesting attending Christmas brunch with one of my teachers.

I continue to be blessed with good friend and co-workers.

Tomorrow I will share another story about why I have the best co-workers.


Julie said...

ooh, I just saw the news about the storm and you are the first person I thought of! Stay safe and warm, and enjoy the white stuff!

Eye of the Rainbow said...

You wanted winter, here it is :)
Be careful and stay warm.

Lynilu said...

Happy Winter!! That is your favorite holiday, isn't it??

I love the popcorn bowl/cups gift! That is really cool. I've wanted a popcorn bowl, but I have such limited storage that it isn't sensible to have one. Sighh. I'm stuck with a plain ol' bowl. ;-) Heck, I need some good class mixing bowls, and I have no place to put them, so I've avoided buying them. I'll figure out somewhere to store them when I find a set that really grabs me. I'd love to find a set in cobalt blue, but I haven't seen any.

Be sure to post and let us know how it is to have a social meeting with the old high school teacher. I found that I always felt like I was 16 years old again when I ran into one! Funny!