Thursday, December 20, 2007

It Will Be OK

Tonight I am not feeling like a very good person.

I have a really good friend that is going through a really tough time in her life right now. What is hurting me so much is the fact that I feel responsible for some of her pain. No, I don't just feel responsible, I am responsible for some of her pain.

My friend and I have had a very interesting week. We have talked more in the last week then we have in the last month and I know she completely disagrees with how I am feeling, but still I am feeling pretty bad. This past week has been one I will never forget. It has been filled with lots of emotions and somehow I feel closer to my friend then I ever have. She has opened up to me more in the last week then she has in the eight years I have known her. As bad as I have been feeling, it does feel good getting to know my friend on a totally different level.

Some very important decisions need to be made by my friend in the next few weeks. I have been exactly where she is and I know the next few months will probably be the hardest of her life. But I have faith in her and know that as long as she loves herself more then anyone else; it will all work out.

Tonight when we were talking on the phone I reminded her of a quote I heard over the summer:

In the end it will be OK.
If it's not OK, then it's not the end.

I think I needed to hear this quote more then her tonight.


yankeegirl said...

I needed this quote tonight too.

patti_cake said...

I hope your friend will be okay. I know you will be. Hugs my friend!