Thursday, December 20, 2007

Here We Go Again

When I was laid off last January I continued to pay for my dental insurance because I knew I had a couple more things that needed done. At the end of February (with no warning) my old job changed dental companies and I was dropped. At the time I thought it was completely unfair and I should have had some warning. I didn't have time to deal with it because of the break-up. My current insurance went into affect in September and I knew that I needed to get in to the dentist to have things checked out. But I kept delaying and I am not sure why.

A few weeks ago one of my teeth started becoming sensitive to cold. It is now at the point where I can't stand to brush my teeth because of the pain. So, finally today I called the dentist and have an appointment on the 31st. I was hoping to get in before that because I have $1000 sitting there that needs to be used before the 31st. Well, maybe they can do a quick filling that day if I need one.

I am not going to the same dentist as I did before because he is not on my new insurance. A couple of my co-workers go to this dentist and I guess he is really nice and the office staff is really nice and willing to work with you if you need a lot of work done. My last dentist made me pay my part when I was there and would not accept payments even though I was in there every 2 weeks for what seemed like a year. When Laura and I did our taxes last year we figured that we had paid out over $4000 during 2006 for my dental work. I have no idea how people do it that don't have insurance. I am not sure how we did it with insurance.


yankeegirl said...

Have you used any of those teeth whitening strips or anything like that? Sometimes they cause sensitivity. That toothpaste, Sensodyne? is supposed to really help, too.

Eye of the Rainbow said...

I use Sensodyne for senstive teeth everyday, it does help. Glad you are getting into see the doctor. good luck with everything.

Lynilu said...

Sensodyne does help a lot. But we both knew this was likely to happen. Sorry. Yuck.

I just canceled my insurance. A big risk, I know, but I simply couldn't afford to continue it. I just got a letter that they were increasing my premium again. I just looked back and they have paid out less on me, a lot less, in 5 years that I paid them in 1! Seriously! I'm pretty healthy, all in all. I have another coverage that would pick up any of the big things, like hospitalization, and I'll put that premium money away in a savings account. I'll just limp by with that until medicare comes in for me. Our health system just stinks.