Sunday, January 28, 2007

More Then You Need to Know

I saw this on Patticake's blog and thought I would do this since I can't seem to find anything to write about today.

1) When we go out to eat and have leftovers I will usually put the little dipping cups in with the leftovers. We have a whole collection of them from different restaurants. I even think I have one of Lynilu's that I have forgotten to give back. Opps, did I say that out loud?

2) When I was born my parents named me Jennifer Jane. When I was six weeks old my parents went up to Northern Minnesota and were going through old family papers and found someone on my Dad's side named "Caroline Ann". They immediately changed my name. My baby book plus several pictures of me as a baby have Jennifer Jane crossed out and then Caroline Ann written in it's place.

3) I have traveled A LOT. My Mom is a travel agent and we were always going places when I was younger. I have been to Hawaii 5 times, England, Mexico 3 times, numerous places in the Caribbean and I have visited 37 states.

4) When I was a teenager my friends and I would drive around in the summer putting detergent in the fountains. KC is known as the "city of fountains" so we had plenty of fountains to go to. There were a couple summers where I spent more money on detergent then anything else.

5) My entire childhood we would spend the summer weekends at our cabin on a local lake. I loved this little cabin and we had some really good times. So from the time I was born until I was 15 during the months of May-August you could find me at the lake most likely swimming. We would occasionally go there in the winter and go ice skating. I wish my parents had kept the cabin.


amy h said...

Um, no comment on number four.

Lynilu said...

Of all the nerve! Listen, I stole those for me, not you!!! I expect that back! And one that you stole to make up for it!!


patti_cake said...

I am so jealous of your travels! *sigh*

Detergent in the fountains? Y'all were REBELS *grin*

I have stole a few dipping cups but only when I want to take the extra peanut sauce home with me.

Rose of Sharon said...

I've stolen twice. Jen was mortified. Haven't done it in at least 3 years.

When I was born my dad named me Sharon. He went home and saw this singer named Anita and thought it was a nice name, so he went back to the hospital to change it. Luckily it was over 5 days and they had already laminated my birth certificate and couldn't change it. Whew! Nothing against Anitas.....I just like my name!

Caroline said...

amy--no comment on your comment. hehe

lynilu--where do you think i learned to take the little dipping cups??? the master herself. and just so you know..i will be hiding all our dipping cups when you come back into town

patti--i was very lucky to be able to travel as much as i did.

sharon--interesting story about your name as well. becuase i was adopted my birth certificate was not finalized until i was six months old. i think that is why they were able to change it

Sandra said...

There were a couple summers where I spent more money on detergent then anything else.

Are you for real??????? Hehe, I wish you had a photo of that.

Caroline said...

sandra--sadly those were the days before i took pictures of everything. i too wish i had pictures of those days.