Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Last week I had someone place a comment on my blog in reference to my post JW Humor. Thank goodness I have placed the comment moderation in place that way I can see who is saying what on my blog. Because it is my blog. I was asked why I am starting shit and why I am not just letting things drop. This person stated that they come from a similar religion and that they have no problems with their family or other members of this church even though they have been kicked out as well. Here is the difference:

My family does not talk to me and the current members of this cult (JW) will not associate with me.

This person that placed this comment has NO idea what this religion-cult has put me through. And as long as they continue to make it seem like they are better then me because they are talking to their family or the fact that they are nice to the members of their ex-church, they will never understand.

It is my right, as well as my duty to tell people about the religion Jehovah's Witness. I believe that there are many other people out there that are suffering right now just like I have suffered in the past. When you decide that you no longer want to be a JW, the church makes it almost impossible to have any kind of relationship with your family. They preach and they teach that you are not to have any contact with someone in your family that has been disfellowshipped. I know this from the years and years of talks I heard growing up. And I am sorry to say that when I was younger I would treat people that were disfellowshipped exactly that way I am being treated. Laura and I shop all the time at this one particular Wal-Mart. It is about 2 miles from my old congregation. I run into people there all the time. Even when I smile to them, they simply turn their heads and keep walking. So, it's not as if I am not trying to be nice to them.

My family: When I was first disfellowshipped my Mother told me that I was no longer welcome in their house and that even if I came to the house, she would leave. She would stay at a hotel if she had to. I have invited both my parents out to dinner to try to "work things out" and they have said, "NO". Laura and I ran into my Dad last Christmas. We were both at this place having lunch and we invited him to come sit with us. He did come and sit with us, but wouldn't even make eye contact with us. He was more concerened about how much money I was making at my new job. When he had not spoken to me in 5 months, you would think he would try to come up with someone else to talk about, like, "how are you?" Christmas of 2004 I bought my nephews presents. They are still in our basement wrapped because I was told I can not be around my nephews.

Considering all that this religion-cult has put me through as well as my family I could have ended up being a very bitter angry person. I am entitled to have my days where I need to rant and rave. That was the purpose of creating this blog. I wanted a place where I could safely release the feelings I was having. Instead I have some people that come to this blog thinking they can continue to treat me with no respect. And I will not put up with it. I lived my life for so long with no respect in my life; either from others of myself. Thankfully I no longer live my life this way.

Instead of living my life being angry and bitter I am loving every small thing that life gives me. I wake up each day that I have someone in my life to love and that loves me. I am thankful that we are both working and able to enjoy life. I am thankful that I have a roof over my head and a warm place to put my head at night. Life is to short to worry about all the small things. At this moment I do not have time to worry about my family not talking to me. I wish it were different, but I will never be able to change them. I have to give up trying to "make them like me". It will never work and I will end up being miserable, like I was for years.


VirusHead said...

I've gotten some interesting email and comments from current JWs... They seem to view humor as hate speech. My introductory statement of intent on the JW humor collection is still ignored. Oh, well.

You could send any visitors to the Jehovah's Witnesses Exposed film at Google if they need more background.

Hang in there!

From a former JW!

SassyFemme said...

I admire the outlook that you have, and think it's wonderful that you're choosing to live a happy life, one that's right for you. {{{{ }}}}

Caroline said...

virushead--i agree..they view humor as hate speech..they really need to lighten up a little. thanks for including that video..I watched part of it and it was very interesting

sassyfemme--thank you.

Sandra said...

God told my father that I was supposed to be a missionary. About 18 years ago he said that he wouldn't speak to me unless I followed 'God's plan'. Never saw him again. But I'm happy and I dare say he isn't.

I'm so glad you've chosen to go the way you have. Just keep being happy.

The Tropopause said...

I'm sorry to see that religion has become a wall between you and your family. It makes me appreciate my parents for not allowing their faith to get in the way of their unconditional love for me. But had it been different, I'd be living as you are: true to myself!

Caroline said...

sandra--i'm sorry to hear that about your father. glad to see that you are living a happy life

tropopause--you are very lucky that your family still supports you and has not allowed their faith to get in the way.