Tuesday, March 28, 2006

100 Things

1. I was adopted when I was three days old.
2. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about my birth parents.
3. I used to feel guilty about thinking about my birth parents, but I no longer do.
4. When I was little my hair was blond and very curly.
5. I miss having blond hair.
6. I chew my fingernails.
7. I smoke a little more then a pack a day.
8. Laura does not realize how much I smoke.
9. My life actually began the day I met Laura.
10. No one (except her family) really knows how we met.
11. No one ever will know exactly how we met.
12. My goal in life is to grow old with Laura.
13. I want to legally marry Laura one day.
14. I want to have babies with her.
15. Sometimes I wish we could combine our DNA and create a child.
16. I sometimes wonder what our child would look like.
17. I hate living in Missouri.
18. I have always wanted to live someone where there is lots of snow.
19. I hate summer because of the heat.
20. I only like the heat when I am at the lake or the pool.
21. I can't wait for the pool to open in May.
22. The pool always opens around my b-day.
23. I secretly celebrated my b-day with my friends in high school.
24. My Mom knew I would get b-day gifts and cards from my friends.
25. She never said anything about it.
26. Four years ago I had a minor nervous breakdown.
27. During that time I put up x-mas decorations in my house.
28. My Mom knew all about it and even came to my house and saw them.
29. She never made me feel bad about having them up.
30. I have suffered with depression since I was 16 years old.
31. Some days it's hard to get out of bed.
32. I am ashamed of my depression.
33. I tend to overeat when I am happy, not sad.
34. I really miss my 4 nephews.
35. I know I will probably never see them again.
36. I have accepted that fact.
37. I have the best in-laws...ever.
38. I feel completly accepted and loved by them.
39. I never felt that with my own parents.
40. Sometimes I feel I was rejected twice in life; once by my birthmom and another time by my parents.
41. I bought my Grandmothers house when she passed away.
42. I have pictures of me as a small child in the backyard.
43. Sometimes it's weird seeing pictures of me as a child in the house I currently live in.
44. Sometimes I smell my Grandmothers perfume when I walk in the house.
45. I miss both my Grandmothers a lot.
46. They were some of the most compassionate, loving women I have ever known.
47. I sometimes wonder what they would think of how my parents are treating me.
48. I know they would accept me being gay.
49. I watch too much tv.
50. I need to exercise more.
51. I need to take better care of my diabetes.
52. Everytime my brothers girlfriends/wives have gotten pregnant they have told me first and I didn't tell my parents.
53. My brother has never kept any of my secrets to himself.
54. I do not love my brother.
55. I never have.
56. I love dragonflies.
57. I want to get a dragonfly tatoo.
58. I get jealous very easily.
59. It's usually over stupid stuff.
60. In public I am shy, but at home I am not.
61. I don't like wearing underwear when I am at home.
62. I have converted Laura to a "no underwear" lifestyle.
63. I sometimes wish I was left handed.
64. I love watching people that are left handed write.
65. I used to go to summer camp.
66. Those were some of the best days of my childhood.
67. I still check the camps website to see what's going on at camp.
68. The first time that I smoked was when I was at summer camp.
69. When I got home I told my Mom and she made me tell the elders at church.
70. This is getting hard.
71. I love Barry Manilow and I have since I was 9 years old.
72. I used to belong to Barry Manilow's fan club.
73. It cost me $12 to join.
74. The first concert I went to was Whitney Houston.
75. I went with my Dad.
76. He made me wear a dress to the concert.
77. I was so mad at him for making me wear a dress.
78. I have never liked wearing make-up.
79. I dropped out my junior year of college because I was tired of school.
80. I went back two years later and completed my degree.
81. It only took me 11 months to complete my masters degree.
82. I never thought I was smart enough to have a masters degree.
83. I am so excited about our trip to Florida.
84. There is only 11 days left til we leave.
85. 11 is my lucky number.
86. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.
87. My b-day comes in a close second.
88. The individuals that I have been closest to have all been Leo's.
89. Laura's smile is the best thing.
90. Her laugh is even better.
91. My best friend growing up was my cousin Jill.
92. We have not spoken in almost two years.
93. I miss her.
94. Not all Jehovah's Witnesses are nuts.
95. But most are.
96. I hate having to pay bills.
97. Refianncing the house has enabled us to pay off all our credit card bills.
98. I never want to charge another thing for the rest of my life.
99. I love knowing that we are saving money every month for our retirement.
100. I never imagined I could be as happy as I am right now.


Francesca said...

Thanks for sharing.

You're a very lucky person.

(Maybe I will have a go at this "100 things". Been meaning to do for ages, but never got around to it.)


Casey said...

Wow - I'm impressed. I don't have the patience it takes to come up with 100 things about myself. It was fun reading yours. :)

Caroline said...

francesca--good seeing you again.

casey--i am glad you enjoyed reading it. can you tell it was slow at work today???

Sandra said...

Yes thanks for sharing. And yes your grandmas are very proud.

pack of 2 said...

The No Underwear Lifestyle ROCKS!

LOL @ Whitney/dress thing.

Great list