Wednesday, March 04, 2009

100 Things

I got nothing today, so I decided to redo a post I did a very long time ago. Here's 100 things about me:

1. I can't wait to move in just 9 days.
2. Even though I am very excited about my move, there are times when I get very sad about all the friends I am moving away from.
3. I do hope my friends will come visit me and get to know my new town. (It really is a great little town)
4. I am really going to miss QuikTrip.
5. I imagine I will be saving a lot of money since there isn't a QT near me.
6. I love QT's Iced Tea.
7. My favorite color has always been navy blue, but the color yellow is slowly becoming my favorite.
8. I used to love the cold weather, but I am slowly finding that warm weather is a lot more fun.
9. I am completely and totally in love with S.
10. I can't wait to spend our first weekend together in my new home.
11. It will feel great to be in a house again.
12. My OCD will return since I will be responsible for mowing the lawn.
13. I can't wait to decorate for the holidays in my new home.
14. I love it when S and I talk about our first date.
15. I really love when we talk about our first kiss.
16. I think my laptop needs a tune up.
17. I am so glad I insisted on keeping the laptop with Laura and I broke up.
18. I have a feeling that my birthday this year will be the best ever.
19. I am a Gemini and so is my birthmom.
20. I often wonder if she thinks about me.
21. Did I mention that I am excited to move.
22. I am really bad at returning emails.
23. But I love getting emails.
24. I love Facebook.
25. I am hesitant about signing up for Twitter because I know I will be addicted to it.
26. The first email I sent was to my friend Amy.
27. I wasn't sure about the address so I just typed her name into the "to" part.
28. It was returned to me. (no surprise)
29. I love getting mail that isn't bills.
30. I love looking through catalogs.
31. When I was younger I used to look through the JCPenny's catalog and pick out the items I would buy if I had a baby.
32. I always thought I wanted children.
33. But now I am not so sure.
34. My friend L is due to have baby any moment and the other day I got to feel the baby move.
35. It really was pretty amazing to feel the baby kick.
36. I miss my nephews sooo much.
37. I worry that my oldest nephew thinks I have deserted him.
38. When he turns 18 I plan on contacting him.
39. I hope I will be able to find him when he is 18.
40. I do not miss my brother; at all.
41. He made my life miserable for years.
42. When I was 15 I had my first checking account.
43. When I was 16 the bank told me I could no longer bank there because my brother had stolen my checks 3 times.
44. My parents never came to my defense about that.
45. I feel like my parents sacrificed my well being so my brother wouldn't be arrested.
46. I miss cable.
47. When I was growing up I was not allowed to have a TV in my room.
48. But I did have a stereo system and I made sure my parents could her my music.
49. I love music.
50. I use music as reference to experiences.
51. When I think about my Mom the song that comes to mind is Dancing Queen.
52. It's hard for me to listen to Dancing Queen.
53. My first concert was Whitney Houston.
54. I went with my Dad and he made me wear a skirt.
55. My first concert with my friends (and no parents) was Debbie Gibson.
56. The last concert I went to was Kenny Chesney.
57. My favorite Ice Cream is Rocky Road.
58. I can only eat Rocky Road Ice Cream if there is Magic Shell on it.
59. I am a Jayhawk (University of Kansas) that will be living in Wildcat country (Kansas State).
60. I told S that only love would make me want to move to Wildcat country.
61. The biggest town that is near my town is Manhattan, KS where the Kansas State campus is.
62. I am going to miss my local news station.
63. I have watched the Channel 9 news since I was a kid.
64. My local news will be from either Topeka, KS or Lincoln, NE.
65. Have I mentioned I am excited to move.
66. I love that I will be so close to S.
67. I can't wait until she becomes my wife.
68. I have a horrible habit of biting my nails.
69. I don't like plain milk; only chocolate milk.
70. I miss Brady.
71. I really miss Astro.
72. I can't wait to get cable again and catch up on the new episodes of Intervention.
73. I want to take S to England one day.
74. If we moved to England we would be able to get married.
75. I don't think I would ever move to England because I couldn't put my babies in quarantine for 6 months.
76. S and I have talked about taking an Olivia vacation.
77. We love the idea of being able to show affection in public without anyone looking at us weird.
78. S and I have a dream of buying a piece of land with an old farm house and no neighbors.
79. I am looking forward to seeing the stars again at night.
80. My new town doesn't have a McDonalds and I am OK with that.
81. It does have a Subway, which makes me very happy.
82. It also has a 24 hour Walmart.
83. I will be living just one block from the historical downtown.
84. My new house has no basement, so hopefully there will be no tornadoes.
85. I am so excited that I will have a garage again.
86. S loves it when I read to her.
87. S calls me on her way into work and I love that her voice is the first voice I hear in the morning.
88. I love when S lays her head on me.
89. I love that when we are driving in the car we always hold hands.
90. There is very little on TV on Wednesday nights.
91. And Saturday mornings are even worse.
92. I graduated high school in 1992.
93. I should have graduated in 91, but I had to repeat first grade.
94. I always thought there was something wrong with me since I had to repeat first grade.
95. I can only brush my teeth with cold water.
96. I rarely let my car get below half a tank of gas because I have a fear of running out of gas.
97. When I was younger and we would go to McDonalds I would always get the McFish.
98. My friends always laughed at me for that.
99. I love it when S reminds me that she is my family now.
100. And finally...have I told you how excited I am to move.

Whew.....I dare you to list 100 things about yourself on your blog.


Lynilu said...

12. My OCD will return since I will be responsible for mowing the lawn.

I almost mentioned to you that you will need to get a new lawn mower, but I decided not to bring it up!! LOL!

QT withdrawal is NOT fun.

Your parents, no, THOSE PEOPLE crapped on you so many times to salvage the piece of crap they called "your brother." Their license to adopt should have been revoked before they got started, but I know they looked good on paper. sigh. Well, there are a lot of us who love you unconditionally.

beans said...

wow-that's quite a list!!!!

I can't believe this is the first time I am hearing about your excitement to move!

I agree with 35. I have thought it would be cool to be able to feel pregnant, but i can't be and wouldn't want to do the whole nine month thing . . .but i have a friend who i saw her baby kick while in a meeting, and ever since i watch people's bellies when they are pregnant to see if i can see them move!

PS-i know it is different circumstances, but i miss my nephew to!

redfrogs blog said...

very interesting list. Mike has ocd when it comes to lawn mowing also.

Monogram Queen said...

I always love reading these but I truly cannot come up with 100 things I haven't already bored everyone with LOL

MJ said...

does it count for 100 things when 50 of them are how excited you are about moving???? haha

MJ said...

does it count for 100 things when 50 of them are how excited you are about moving???? haha