Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Letter R

A very long time ago Lynilu had a post where you would leave a comment and she would assign you a letter and you had to then list 10 things that you love that start with that letter. I was given the letter R. I apologize to Lynilu for being so late in this. If you want to play along, just leave me a comment letting me know you want to play along and I will answer you in the comment section and assign you a letter. It's actually really fun. Here are 10 things I love that start with the letter R:

*Red Barns: In the last couple of years I have fallen in love with red barns. There are about 3 when I drive to see S and one of these days I am going to stop and take some pictures. My dream one day is to have a place out in the country and have my very own red barn.

*Rain: I love when it rains. Part of me feels like maybe I should live in the Northwest where it rains all the time. I especially love when it rains on Sunday afternoons and I can take a nap with the sound of rain hitting the windows.

*Rivers: I love when I am driving to S and there are so many little rivers. I love seeing all the crazy names as well. I prefer rivers/lakes over ocean water.

*Radio: I love the radio. I got very spoiled when I had the rental car since it had satellite radio. I have to have a radio when I am at work. Having music in the background really helps me get things done at work.

*Re-Runs: Most people don't like re-runs, but that is most of the television I watch. I love re-runs of Roseanne, The Golden Girls and of course my beloved Little House on the Prairie.

*Red: Before I met S I wasn't a huge fan of red, but now whenever I see the color red I think of my "lady in red".

*Romance: I love romance. Romance doesn't have to be going out and spending lots of can mean just doing something for your partner that will make their day easier.

*Rice: Love fried rice. There is one Chinese restaurant in KC that has the best Chicken Fried Rice. When I was 15 I was babysitting for this couple and they got me and the kids Chinese take out and that was the first time I had tried Chicken Fried Rice. When I want Chicken Fried Rice I still drive to that one Chinese restaurant.

*Road Runner: I love the Internet through Time Warner. It's so fast and I have never had any problems with it. I am hoping the Internet I get once I move will be just as fast.

*Rural: I love rural areas and the feel of a small town community. Just 30 days until I move. Yay!!


Lynilu said...


And BTW, you also love Road Runner because it is the NM State bird!!!

You'd better learn to make fried rice, cause "rural" and fried "rice" might be a world apart!!

MJ said...

What about the place that you work--doens't that start with an R???

Wendy and Karen said...

This looks challenging but I would love to play along.

BTW, I like your blog template. Very warm.

Caroline said...

lynilu--ok, you had me cracking up with your comment. i have seen a couple Chinese Buffets, but I am not sure I would ever eat there...

mj--i cna't believe i left that off the list. ane yes, i do love the place i work and it should have been on the list.

karen&wendy--thanks for the comment of my new look. thanks for wanting to play...your letter is B.

Monogram Queen said...

Really Rather Ravishing R's!