Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bonk and the Boxes

The last week or so I have been hearing a new sound as I sleep. Bonk has discovered the boxes and loves to run and jump on them. I don't think she realizes she is 22.

I have been thinking about how I am going to coordinate moving the pets when I move. At first I was going to come back and get them once everything is unloaded at the new house, but I really don't think I want to have to drive 5 more hours that day. I am sure I am going to be exhausted as it is. So I think I will load them all up in the car with me and that will save me an extra trip. I am meeting my new landlords there the day I move, so once I have signed all the paperwork I will move them into the spare bedroom. I only told them I have one dog and one cat. I never know if people will be upset if I have 3 pets instead of 2. And if they ever come in the house they would never see Ben. Even when I come home from work Ben goes running and hides for the first few minutes. I am thinking of getting something for the cats so that they can sleep most of the way, but I am a little nervous about Bonk. She is so old and I worry that it might make her sick. I really wish they could understand me so I could explain to them what is going on.

A few weeks ago one of the stray cats came right up to my window. As you can see Ben was not impressed at all.
This stray cat is so friendly and I wish she would find a home. When I walk Sophie she will walk right besides Sophie for the entire walk. I am sure people that drive by and see this cat walking with Sophie get a good laugh.

Thanks to Amy I probably will have a refrigerator when I move in. It's just a dorm size fridge, but it will do for a few weeks. Once I get a regular refrigerator it will be great for pop and bottled water. Thanks again Amy.

This has been the longest week and I am so glad tomorrow is Friday. And even better, I get to see S on Sunday. It's been two long weeks since I have seen her. That is way too long.


Lynilu said...

Oh, that wild kitty is beautiful! Don't you want to have 3 cats at the new house?? ;D

I'm glad you have the little fridge. You'll be surprised how well it will work for a while. Eventually you'll want a bigger one, but for now .... what a great solution and what a cool friend Amy is!

Renaissance Woman said...

22!!! WOW that is amazing. I think it is a great solution for now.

amy h said...

No problem! I had a dream last night that we dropped the fridge while carrying it upstairs and totally busted it. Let's hope that doesn't happen. :)