Sunday, February 08, 2009

The Inside

Today S and I drove to my new town to take a look at 3 other places just in case we found something better. Bottom line, my little stone house is the best and it's where I belong. The people renting it out are an older couple that have owned the house since the wife's aunt passed away in 1979. The wife is a social worker who also graduated from KU.

We met them at the house this afternoon for me to one last look before I officially committed to renting the house. The other time we looked inside was before I interviewed for my job, but seeing it this time I see how everything was suppose to work out exactly the way it did.

Here are some pictures of the inside. This first picture is the living room. I love the windows and the fireplace. Can't you just see Sophie and the cats looking out the windows.

This is a picture looking the other way into the living room:
I am in love with the build in shelf. And the little shelf to the right is where the phone goes. Love it.

Here is the bathroom:
There is a huge closet in the bathroom for storage.

This is the 2nd bedroom:
I think this room will be perfect for a spare bedroom/office. And again, there is tons of storage space.

This is looking down the hallway from the 2nd room. The master bedroom is at the end of the hall.
There is also a huge closet in the hall. I have no storage space in my apartment, so I am not sure what I will do with all this storage space I will be getting.

This is the master bedroom:
I am not a huge fan of the carpet, but S likes it and says it adds character to the room. There is a built in vanity that is great. I just love all the built in shelves, etc that are in the house.

Here is the kitchen:
Most would think this is a small kitchen, but again, the apartment I am in now has literally no kitchen. The little space between the sink and the stove is all the counter space I have now. And there is tons of cabinets for storage.

This is the utility room off the kitchen that leads to the garage:
Hopefully within a couple of months I will be able to buy a washer/dryer. It will be so nice having a washer and dryer again.

This is the view into the garage:
It's not a huge garage, but will surely fit whatever car I end up getting. I can't wait to have a garage again. S is very jealous of the fact that I will have a garage.

As we were leaving the house the lady said, "well, looks like I need to take the For Rent sign down". You have no idea how happy I am.

It was a great day and I can't wait to get this moving thing going. As we were driving to the town S and I were talking and she was worried about me moving away form the only town I have lived in. I explained to her that I feel lonely when I am in KC and I need to be where she is because whenever she is there I am never lonely. I am so in love with her.

Here is something funny. S has been feeding a stray cat for about six months. I have been joking with her that this really is her cat and eventually the cat will be inside. Look what I found when I got to her house today:

Elizabeth goes in tomorrow to have her shots and to be fixed. And yet another thing that makes me love S even more. :)


Lynilu said...

I LIKE IT! It looks homey! I remember several houses we had with those niches built into the walls for phones, bookshelves, etc. Love it!

When I saw the picture of the kitty, I thought it was Bonk at first. Different as I looked, but i thought my eyes were playing tricks. She's a pretty girl. Allan said tonight he thinks he will get a couple cats. He just can't do the dog right now, but 2 cats will keep each other company. I am glad. He has needed paw-patter for some time now.

Lynilu said...

Oh, congratulations, again!

Patti_Cake said...

I love it too and am so-o-o-o envious of your fireplace but you deserve it hon!

I love Elizabeth! So pretty and she looks like a little "pill"

Caroline said...

lynilu--i think the thing i am most excited about with the house is all the built in shelves. yes, the kitty does look a lot like bonk, but this cat is the most laid back cat...ever. when i first got there i laid on the bed with her and she didn't even open her eyes.

patti--yes, i am very excited for the fireplace. to me a fireplace is soooo romantic. :)

Holly said...

It looks great, full of character. And you can never have too much storage! I hope you will be very, very happy there.

Caroline said...

holly--i won't know what to do with all the storage space i will have. :)

MJ said...

very cute house. I'm glad you found it.