Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dinner with Friends

Tonight I had dinner with two of my friends L and MJ. They wanted to take me out since I will be moving in a couple weeks and they took me to my favorite restaurant Kokopelli's. It is the best Mexican food in Kansas City.

I got my favorite appetizer: (This picture is for you Lynilu)
I really will miss Kokopelli's and I imagine every time I come back to visit I will be eating here.

Yes, I will miss Kokopelli's, but I will miss these two even more:


Lynilu said...

Nah, I just miss Kokopelli's. Oh, wait! I don't know MJ or L, so I guess I wouldn't miss them. ;D

And, Caroline, just how ornery are you, posting that picture????? :'( I'm going to pout all night now. If I don't sleep, it is your fault. Jus' sayin'.

amy h said...

I've driven by this place countless times, but have never gone in! I guess it is good then? I'm picky about guacamole -- everyplace puts too much onion in it. It looks a little nice for my kiddos though. :)

Caroline said...

lynilu--i am sure if you knew mj and l you would miss them. :) i know i am pretty mean for posting hte pictures, but i just had to knowing how much you love koko's as well.

amy--you really should go there sometime. it is very kid friendly. and on sundays they have specials just for kids.

Monogram Queen said...

You can always visit and your move is SO worth it!