Thursday, February 12, 2009

29 Days

Today when I got to work there was a message on my voicemail from one of my techs saying how he was going to miss me and that he wished me luck on my move. For some reason there were a couple people that thought today was my last day at work. I quickly went up and reassured him that I was not leaving yet and I would be around for another 4 weeks. He seemed very happy that I was going to be around for another month.

Most people are very excited for me and my new adventure that I will be starting in a month. But I have had a few people that are clearly upset that I am moving 2.5 hours away. Today I was in a meeting and when someone found out where I was moving she rolled her eyes and said, "OK". Now this isn't someone that I am really close with, but seriously why would you do that? Someone else at this meeting kept telling me how happy he was for me and congratulations on my new job. He then said that that he was sad that I was leaving, but always is glad when someone moves onto something else.

As I was driving home I was talking to S and she put it very clearly...."You need to be closer to me." And she is right...she is my family now and I do need to be closer to her. If people don't understand that then I really don't know how to explain it to them.

The hardest part about moving is the fact that I am leaving so many friends behind. Just because I am so happy about moving, doesn't mean I am not going to miss my friends here in KC. I am going to miss them a lot.


MJ said...

You will be missed and I hope all the best for you. I'm quite certain you will like being closer to your family, S.

Lynilu said...

Sometimes people have trouble communicating their feelings, especially over losses. And sometimes people don't think much past their own crap to see the pleasures (or pain, for that matter) in the lives of others. We live in an egocentric society, unfortunately.

As for the friends you're "leaving behind," yes, you will now be as far from them as you are currently from S. But you'll be back in KC to visit, to shop, and you'll see them, lunch at Kokopelli's or that BBQ place you love, and I'll bet they come visit you, too. If not, I'd say the friendships are weak.

Keep in mind it is good that everyone doesn't want to live in small towns. There wouldn't be small towns for you and me!!

One last thought .... I'm remembering back to when I left KC. A couple people expressed negative things or were impassive about it. You .... were the best. You let me know clearly that you were going to miss me, but you wished me happiness. You and I *still* have a friendship; the other two, not. Like I said, the real friends will hold you in their hearts and wish happiness for you. :')

Bobbie said...

I agree with lynilu. If they are true friends then you can visit with them and they can visit with you. There is phones and emails and all kinds of ways to stay in touch.

Julie said...

I came in to say exactly what Lynilu said. -:)

Monogram Queen said...

You will miss them but you are not THAT far away. I think this move will be very good for your soul.

Oh, someone gave me a W*tchtower this morning ....

Happy Valentines Day Caroline & S!

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE to move back to Manhattan where I went to college. Love the small town feel. Maybe someday after the kids are grown and gone I will :)