Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sophie's Surprise

If you read my post from earlier today you know that my day did not get off to a great start. When the maintenance guy was here this morning to let me in my apartment he said that I probably needed to have the weather stripping replaced and to call and schedule and appointment for them to do that. I forgot to do that today. When I got home I couldn't get in my apartment again. Damn. I tried and tried (boy does my finger hurt from this) but couldn't get in. By this point Sophie was barking and when I looked in the window this is what I saw:
Apparently Sophie was bored today and decided to get into the trash. She had spread it all over the apartment. Here's the bad thing...I knew that I had to call the maintenance people again to let me in my apartment. I was so embarrassed. Thankfully he unlocked the door and didn't look in. OH, and he said he would be back tomorrow morning at 8am to fix the door. He even said that he would make sure he was here when I left in case I had trouble locking the door. I thought that was nice.

Here is a picture of Sophie and her lovely surprise for me:

I work 1/2 day tomorrow and then I am off until Tuesday. I am so excited I can barely sit still.


Bobbie said...

Pepper gets kenneled when we are not at home because she cant behave. Although Sophie looks sorry pepper would just be dancing around saying see what I did. Dogs got to love them

Lynilu said...

Oh my! That is not like Sophie! When you go to Walmart or Target this weekend (and you KNOW you will!!), you might look at on of those cans with a foot pedal that lifts the lid. It would be still possible for her tip it and spill it, but it will cut the possibility way down.

I'm glad he is doing the repair. He will have to keep the door open while replacing the strip, and I'm sure he will watch out for the critters. You don't think Ben will bolt, do you? Yikes! I hope not!

Caroline said...

bobbie--she was only sorry because she got caught. :)

lynilu--my trash can used to be like that, but it broke and i have not replaced it. i am not sure if that would have worked because she knocked over the entire trash can. when the guy comes tomorrow morning i am going to tell him that i have a cat and to keep his eyes open. i am thinking he can stand inside with the screen door closed to fix it. i will be home around lunch time, so i will be able to check on them.

MJ said...

Welcome to my world. This is the reason that Sadie is now kenneled. I'm surprised Sophie did that, it was probably paybacks for not being able to get back in her warm home.

amy h said...

She looks likes she feels bad about that. :)

Last night I dreamed that you went camping with us. We had a giant screen house thing, and I was wondering why I didn't camp more often (we never do).

Sonya said...

Oh NO... that is one thing that drives me nuts. Our dog likes to get in the trash and it makes a HUGE mess.

I'm glad they are going to fix your door!

Monogram Queen said...

I have had dogs who get in the trash so I sympathize!
Luckily my trash is bigger than Reilly so that is no longer an issue! :) Enjoy your week-end sweetie!

beans said...

Oooohhhh Sophie!!

I hope you enjoy your time off.