Saturday, January 31, 2009

Quiet Saturday

I have been keeping my right foot elevated with a chair and this pillow and yesterday Ben decided that the pillow was a perfect place for a nap. He's so cute.

This morning I went back to the doctor and I am still waiting to feel better. I will be going for treatments everyday through next week and then will go to every other day. All of the staff has been wonderful and always nice to me, which makes it nice. After the doctor I did some grocery shopping and then did laundry. It was actually a very quiet day, but as usual by 5pm I was exhausted.

I noticed today that local TV programs are soooooo boring on Saturdays. There was nothing on but basketball and paid programming. Maybe I miss cable a little bit.

Tomorrow is someones birthday:
I can't believe she will be 22 tomorrow. She may actually out live me.


MJ said...

Happy Birthday Bonk--enjoy your day with S.

Julie said...

If it helps, I've been laying around all day and there isn't anything good on cable either.
Happy Birthday Bonk!

Caroline said...

mj--any day with s is a good day. :) it will be nice when the weekends we spend together are an everyday thing

julie--that does make me feel better...thanks. and thanks for the birthday wishes for ms. bonk

Lynilu said...

Awwww, Happy Birthday, little Bonk! Wow, in human years, you are 106!! Way to go! [sending high 5, er, 4!!]

The tiredness is because your body is using much energy to heal. Don't push it! I'm glad you're not overdoing. Do you have packing boxes? You could start on the small things while sitting. Nah, just rest and heal for now, and pack in a week or so. :)

Bobbie said...

Happy birthday Bonk it was a quiet day here also

Caroline said...

lynilu--i am taking it easy. the good thing about this move is i don't have that much to move, so the packing will be really easy. 106....i can't believe that. i guess it's good that i let her do whatever she wants to

bobbie--glad you had a quiet day as well. i love quiet, lazy weekends.