Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Today has been a hard day. I heard from the claims adjuster and the amount they are going to pay me for my car and the amount I owe is about $3000 short. I guess I shouldn't say "I owe" because Laura's name is on the title and loan as well. I decided that I don't need to talk to her anymore and will be giving the claims adjuster her name and number so he can coordinate with her to sign off on the title. It will be nice having no more ties to her.

I know that I will get through this and probably be stronger, but it's just a struggle right now to see how it's all going to work out. I know I just need to trust the process and maybe this experience is teaching me how to stop worrying about things I have no control over.

Now I start looking for a car. It's probably going to take another week for all the paperwork to be signed, etc and then I will have 5 more days with the rental car. I am hoping to go looking for a car next week and hopefully I can find something fairly cheap and something I would like.

Tomorrow I am shutting off my cable and home phone. One of the shows that I am going to miss is the one with the Duggars. (the family with 18 kids) Tonight the oldest son gets married, so I am happy that I get to see this episode. Getting rid of cable will mean no more Little House, but thankfully one of my wonderful blogger friends sent me the first season on DVD last year. I am even thinking of not having cable once I move. I watch too much TV anyway, so hopefully not having cable will mean I will do more reading or spend time outside. Plus once I move, I will have S to entertain me. And to me.....that is way better then cable TV. :)

I just keep telling myself that it will all work out. I have no idea how...but I have faith that it will.


Bobbie said...

Faith is all you can have. I believe it will work out. Hugs

MJ said...

Bummer about the car. That was not what you needed. You are right faith can get you through. Hang in there.

amy h said...

Yes, it will work out. Find a used car that is $3000 less than what you had. It will be a step down, but it won't hurt in your payments. I know you love Hondas, but they are pricey. When we were shopping for cars, I just had to accept that a Honda or Toyota simply wasn't in the budget.

You'd be amazed how much TV there is on the web. You can probably find full episodes of a lot of your favorites.

If you think about it, you are still in a good place -- that something like this could happen, and you still have so much. You have a job, a loving family of animals, and you'll soon be closer to the person you love. These are hard times -- look for the positive!

(I'm all weird today because a bunch of my old co-workers got laid off today...)

Caroline said...

bobbie--thanks for the hugs

mj--yes, i am pretty upset about the whole care thing. i am trying really hard to see the positive in all of this.

amy--thank you for the reminder. you are right...i do have so much to be thankful for. not only do i have a job, but i also have a job waiting for me. i am sorry about your old o-workers.

Lynilu said...

You may find cable or dish is necessary in the new town. Sometimes the reception is not very good. But giving it a try without it is a good thing. Is there a library in the new town?

I know this is very tough, but I think it is forcing you to make some decisions and life changes that are probably really going to be good for you. Simplifying feels very good, trust me. Life is much sweeter with fewer things. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi I am a reader who found your blog when I was searching for KC blogs....I used to live in KC. Anyways...if you have the internet you can try to see if your shows are on there...the networks usually play episodes on their websites.

Caroline said...

lynilu--you know...i have no idea if there is a library. i will have to check that out. if i do need to get cable i might just get the very basic cable.

liz--thanks for commenting. i will keep my internet and will probably look online to see if i can find some of my favorite shows.

Monogram Queen said...

Yep you just gotta have faith!

R said...

Faith is all we got sometime. Belive in it. You always helped me to believe. :)