Wednesday, December 03, 2008


This is why I hate leaving in the mornings:
These two always get on the bed when I leave and I love to see them cuddle. Sophie is so gentle with Bonk and seems to keep an eye on her. Whenever Bonk meows (which is a lot lately) Sophie goes to find her. It's so sweet.

Can you tell what Bonk is saying in this picture?

"This is my best side"

I can't believe she is almost 22. She can't hear at all and I think she has dementia. She meows a lot and seems to be lost most of the time. When I think that I have had Bonk since I was 14, sometimes I don't even believe it.

Here are the decorations for my office:I like fact that I chose the window cling that said "Wish Big" since last year at this time I was hoping, wishing and praying that I would find love this year. Wishes do come true.

I like how this picture turned out
I may need to frame this one.

For the last couple of days they have been talking about the storm that was suppose to come in today and give us ice/snow. I hate how they get everyone worked up and then we just get flurries. Wouldn't it be nice if you had a job where you could be wrong 90% of the time and you still get to keep your job. I've been watching the weather for the weekend and there is one station in KC that is calling for snow, while the other 3 (plus the Weather Channel) are saying it will be clear, sunny and 45 degrees. How can their forecasts be so different?

Well, it's Wednesday and that means one more day closer to the weekend. It's been 3 weeks since Susan and I have been able to spend a whole weekend together. I want to plan something special since we will be celebrating her Birthday. I imagine whatever we end up doing it will be fun. Let's just hope that one station isn't right about the snow.


MJ said...

I'm glad you have a fun weekend to look forward to and spending it with Susan I'm sure is a huge bonus.

Monogram Queen said...

I have that same gel decor!!! Love it!

Plan Big!

Lynilu said...

I'm always so amazed at how the animals take care of each other. There was a lady here who had two dogs. One was brain damaged at birth and was almost blind, so the other was like her seeing eye dog! Unfortunately they were barkers, and some lousy creep went into her yard and strangled the second dog. Now the handicapped one is just lost. I can't believe some people. Be glad that your babies are insiders.

beans said...

I have always said that about meteorologists--about how they can be wrong all the dang time and blame it on something else . . .I couldn't get away with that!