Friday, December 05, 2008

Pretty Girl

Sophie went to the groomer today and is so pretty. I didn't have her shaved this time since it's so cold outside. When we came home she was prancing around like she knew she was pretty. He did tell me that her skin is very dry (which explains all the scratching) and I was wondering if anyone knew of some home remedies for dry skin in dogs.

Here is Bonk checking out Sophie:
It's funny because whenever one of the pets go either to the vet or the groomer the others always sniff them like, "where in the world have you been." When we walked in Ben took one look at Sophie and ran under the bed. She really doesn't look different, but I imagine she smells differently.

When I was at Walmart tonight I noticed this for dogs:
I don't know if it's just me, but I found this kind of odd. Diet pills for dogs????

Tomorrow Susan is coming down for the weekend and that makes me happy. It will be nice being able to spend some time with her.

Have a great weekend.


Teaberry said...

My cat has dry skin and we used to give him Vitamin E pills. That seemed to help a lot!

Renaissance Woman said...

I agree...just say no to the diet pills.

Lynilu said...

There are some sprays and also some creme rinses for dogs that are for dry, itchy skin. Check at Pet Smart. And I'll bet the Vit E is a great help, too.

Audra said...

Our pug has really dry skin and the other one has bad skin allergies. We use an oatmeal conditioning shampoo to help them out.

MJ said...

Sophie is a pretty girl.

Oh boy, the two girls in our house need to be on the diet plan--do you think it is contagious???

Monogram Queen said...

We battle dry skin, i've changed his food, his shampoo. Gah!
Sophie is gorgeous!!!
Hope you had a good time with Susan. No wait - a GREAT time!