Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas 2008

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. My day was perfect in every way. S and I met around noon and had a wonderful lunch with her Mom and her Mom's friend. After lunch we went back to S's house and exchanged gifts. Santa was very good to me this year. :)

After hanging out for a while at her house we decided to go for a drive. S wanted to show me a couple houses that are a lot closer to her work and where she could have some acreage. She is looking into moving sometime this summer, probably around August. Oh, and guess when the lease ends for my apartment...yea August. :)

S was so wonderful to not only me, but the babies as well. I was sent home with a present for each of them, prime rib for Sophie and shrimp for the cats. I love how she loves all of us.

My life is so good right now. I have no idea what I did to deserve S, but hopefully she will let me spend the rest of my life showing how thankful I am for all she does.

Christmas 2008 is one Christmas I will never forget.

(If you click on the picture you can see all my pictures from today)


Lynilu said...

I love the bigger house! A perfectly quaint image of what a farmhouse should look like!

And the ones of Bonk nuzzling the toy is so sweet! Hi, Sophie! And where is Ben?

I'm glad you had a good Christmas, dear girl. :)

Caroline said...

lynilu--the smaller one has an amazing view, but when we pulled up to the second house, s said "i am home". i think she has already made her decision. :)

the battery in my camera died, so i wasn't able to get any pics of ben.

Lynilu said...

Looks like S & I have the same taste in architecture.

Poor Ben .... the "forgotten" child!!


Renaissance Woman said...

Merry Christmas...glad you enjoyed all of the time with S. Glad you have found happiness in 2008! Hope 2009 is only better.

Monogram Queen said...

You totally deserve such an awesome Christmas!!!! I am so happy for you!

MJ said...

I'm glad your Christmas was good and S was good to you.

Love the old farm houses.

amy h said...

I'm glad you had a good Christmas! Sorry I didn't get to say so earlier -- I haven't been online much, and we didn't even send cards this year.

House 2 scares me. Not that it's scary, but it looks like a crazy amount of renovation. My mom and Lloyd have a little farmhouse on his property that is much like House 1, and even that has been a ton of work and $ for them. We always say if Chris loses his job, we'll just go live in the farmhouse. :)