Monday, November 03, 2008

Weekend Recap

Here's another picture of the fog we had on Saturday morning. I just love fog.

As I mentioned yesterday, I really had a good weekend with Susan. It had been a difficult week for both of us and we both had been pretty stressed out. We spent most of the weekend just talking. Sunday morning we were laying in bed and I had just finished talking about something and she put her head me and said, "Tell me more stories about yourself." I am not sure why, but that really touched me. We didn't watch TV, we turned off our phones and we unplugged from the world. It was perfect. I fell even more in love with Susan and realized again how perfect she is for me.

I am so excited about tomorrows election. On Saturday I drove past where I am voting and they had absentee voting going on and the parking lot was packed. I have never seen it that busy, not even in 2004. I am debating about getting up and being there at 6am tomorrow because I really don't want to have to wait in line when I get off work. Our network has been down at work the last couple of days and I am hoping it's back up tomorrow so I can keep track of the election at work. When I was getting my bachelors degree I had a teacher that was really into politics and joked that every 4 years he has what he calls his Superbowl with the presidential election. He would talk about setting up 3 TV to watch all 3 networks and would have friends over to watch the results come in. I never understood his excitement until this year. I have been looking forward to tomorrow for months.


MJ said...

I'm so glad you had a good weekend with your girl. You know when it right when the only entertainment you need is each other. I hope you all continue to grow in your relationship.

Lynilu said...

A good weekend, for sure. I'm glad you had an unplugged weekend. That is a good thing for anyone to have sometimes.

OK, tomorrow .... whatever it takes, V.O.T.E!!! Tell your boss you might be late if that's what it takes!!