Monday, November 17, 2008

High School Days

I got this from Lynilu this morning, so here is a trip down memory lane.

1. Did you date someone from your school? No. Being a Jehovah's Witness we were not encouraged to date until we were ready to marry.

2. Did you marry someone from your high school? No

3. Did you car pool to school? No. I rode the bus for the first couple of years and then I was old enough to drive.

4. What kind of car did you have? Chrysler Le Baron. It was my Dad's, but when he got a company car he gave me his car. It was a Turbo, which is not a good idea for a teenager, but my parents thought I was a conservative driver. Remind me to tell you about the time I played chicken with a UPS truck.

5. What kind of car do you have now? Honda Accord

6. Its Friday night...where are you now? Home watching Super Nanny and waiting for Saturday to see my girl.

7. It is Friday night...where were you? Probably at work. If not at work then I was maybe at home with my family.

8. What kind of job did you have in high school? I had a couple. I worked at Captain D's, a grocery store and a lifeguard in the summer.

9. What kind of job do you do now? Social Worker

10. Were you a party animal? Nope. I was pretty quiet, except when I was driving in the car.

11. Were you considered a flirt? No

12. Were you in band, orchestra, or choir? I was not encouraged to do any activities in school, so no I did not do any of that.

13. Were you a nerd? Um, I wouldn't say I was a nerd, but I was pretty shy and quiet.

14. Did you get suspended or expelled? Never

15. Can you sing the fight song? I don't think I knew it back in school, so that answer would be no.

16. Who was/were your favorite teacher? I had a couple. There was Mr. House who was my Psychology teacher. I think I had a small crush on him. I also loved all of my English teachers.

17. Where did you sit during lunch? With my friends. I hated lunch because it always seemed like everyone was seeing who was popular, etc.

18. What was your school's full name? Blue Valley North High School

19. When did you graduate? 1992

20. What was your school mascot? Mustang

21. If you could go back and do it again, would you? Probably not. I was not a huge fan of high school and I think it was because I was so shy and as a JW not encouraged to make friends and participate in activities

22. Did you have fun at Prom? I only went to my senior prom and yes it was fun.

23. Do you still talk to the person you went to Prom with? Yes. He was a friend I have had since I was 3.

24. Are you planning on going to your next reunion? No. I really have no interest in going. I almost went to my 10 year reunion, but backed out at the last minute.

25. Do you still talk to people from school? A couple. There are a few that I wish I could find and talk to.

26. What are/were your school's colors? Navy blue and Silver

27. What grades did you make? A's and B's and maybe a few C's. I did have one F and that was for my Anatomy class. It was this class that made me realize I could never be a doctor.

28. What was your favorite class/subject? English and and one semester I took a typing class which I loved. I think that class is the reason I type so fast today.

29. Did you belong to any clubs? Not in high school. In Middle School I did join the Trivial Pursuit club. I think that would make me a nerd.

30. Were you popular? I don't think so. I kind of kept to myself.


MJ said...

They didn't ask if you were a nerd now???

Lynilu said...

LOL! MJ said it, not me!!

Monogram Queen said...

Interesting but I feel kinda sad... like you missed the "whole higschool experience" being a JW...

LMAO at MJ! Whoo girl!!