Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Murphy's Law

Last week I decided to email my sister-in-law on my ex-husbands side of the family. When James and I divorced Jenn was the only one that would talk to me. As happy as I was to be divorced, I was sad that I was technically losing 5 nieces/nephews. Jenn has always sent me x-mas cards and pictures of the kids. I love that to her family I am still "Aunt Caroline". Well, it had been about a year since we talked and I was curious as to how she was doing. It was good catching up with her and I am so excited because they are expecting another baby this November. It's also been fun catching up on what James has been doing. James is a really good person and I truly hope that he is happy one day. A few months ago I emailed James on myspace and he was so excited to tell me that he finally saw the light and is no longer a Jehovah's Witness. James became a Jehovah's Witness after we started dating and somehow he was more of a hard core Witness then me who was raised a witness for the first thirty years of my life. When we were having problems and I suggested a marriage counselor, his response was "I will only go to a therapist that is a Jehovah's Witness". I am happy that he is no longer part of that cult and hope he wasn't hurt too much by the witnesses.

I think I have found my new part-time job.

* Thursday: Won $240 off a $2 scratch off
* Saturday won $30 off a $2 scratch off and $3 from a Powerball ticket
* Today: won $40 off a $2 scratch off

That totals $313 in one week. Not too bad if I do say so myself. Looks like I'm not cursed by Murphy's Law after all.


MJ said...

seriously, I need some of your luck.

Fern said...

I'm jealous of your lottery winnings but I want to comment about how awesome it is that you are able to keep friendly with your ex and his family. You should post the story of your marriage unraveling, if you get a chance. I'm curious about whether you realized you were gay and told him, or if it was completely coming apart even before you realized it, etc. Because I too had an early ill-advised marriage that ended in divorce, so it is interesting to me to hear about other people's situations, especially when it doesn't involve kids so it isn't as sad.

Anyway, I keep in contact with my ex-SIL too! Not my ex-husband, though. He started dating a girl who didn't like him to talk to me, and then they got married.

Casey said...

If I give you $5 will you play for me, too? I could seriously, seriously use some of that.


Congrats on your good fortune.

Caroline said...

fern--thanks for the idea for a post. i will write about it in the next few days. it's actually a very interesting story.

Renaissance Woman said...

I would love your luck right now! Good for part time job ever.

Monogram Queen said...

Glad to hear you are on good terms with your ex and that he got away from the cult as well!

Go YOU on those lottery tickets, just don't play yourself out!

Arial Ray said...

I could use some luck like that.

I think my ex and I will remain on good terms. His family...not too sure about that.

Sandra said...

Are you serious, you won all that from lottery tix? Wow you have an angel on your should right now or something!!!

Sandra said...

oops, shoulder. But really, I'm impressed!