Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This morning we were up by 5:30am because Susan had to be at her training by 7:15am. When the alarm went off I thought it was the smoke alarm and it scared the shit out of me. I guess that's what I get for only getting maybe 5 hours of sleep last night. Oh well, it was worth it.

Here are some of my favorite moments from the time we spent in the wonderful capital of Kansas.

*Susan really is the funniest person and I never know when something funny will come out of her mouth. Yesterday we were talking about her driving in Minnesota during the winter and she talked about all the times she has slide into the ditch. I laughed and told her that from now on I would be doing all the driving. She looked at me and in a serious voice said, "I only drive in the ditch when it's snowing or icy." Even more reason for me to do all the driving.

*While she was at her training yesterday I decided to lay around the hotel room and watch lots of mindless daytime TV. I think I watched about 10 court shows. I guess at some point I fell asleep because I woke up to Susan touching my face. It was a perfect way to wake up from an afternoon nap.

*Last night we went to dinner at Ruby Tuesday and really had crappy service, but it all worked out for us. We had decided to split an entree and each get the salad bar. About 45 minutes after we finished our salads we noticed that our food was not out yet. We kind of laughed and agreed that it's a good sign when we are so consumed in our conversation that we don't notice we have not received our order. The waiter finally reappeared and said he had received a phone call with bad news and forgot to put our order in. We ended up getting the entree to go and in the end only paid $4.89. Not too bad.

*This morning I let Susan get ready first and as I watched her getting ready she would look in the mirror at me and give me the warmest smile. I want everyday to be like that.

*Susan really doesn't like to have her picture taken and I really have to beg her to let me take a picture. I have many photos like this one:
I think she is slowly realizing that my camera and I are a packaged deal. :)

*I am finding that our most intimate and best conversations happen right before we fall asleep. There is nothing better then hearing her say "I love you" right before I fall asleep.

Susan will be in Topeka until Thursday and as I drove back to KC this morning I realized that there is no stopping now...she completely has my heart.

Speaking of love...I am not the only one that has found love.
Here is Sophie and her boyfriend Hank. The two of them got along great and Sophie didn't even seem excited when I went and picked her up tonight. Sometime late Sunday Sophie decided she loved Hank and wanted to be wherever he was. My little girl is growing up. :)

As sad as I was to leave Susan this morning, it is still good to be home.

To see all the pictures from the trip click HERE.


MJ said...

Sophie may have found a new house. Are you ready to let her move???

Fern said...

Oh, this brings back all those little squishy memories of how it feels to fall in love... how wonderful. Good for you! I'm glad you are happy. You deserve happiness.

Sandra said...

Ha, I love that big slurpy dog tongue!

Monogram Queen said...

Sounds like a very good time!!!! I love that you and Susan are so happy.

Lynilu - Bow alert!!!