Tuesday, September 16, 2008

10 Years Ago Today......

.....This sweet baby found me and insisted I bring her home.

I was in my last year of school for my bachelors degree. I was working at a community center in the inner city and there was always stray dogs running around. On this particular morning I pulled up and there was this sweet little black puppy running around the parking lot.
When I was walking in I bent down to pet the puppy and my boss noticed the puppy as well and brought out some food for her. She ate it right up. I then went inside (even though I would have rather stayed outside and played with the puppy) and went to the front desk. They had security cameras on the back parking lot and I could see this little puppy just running all over. I was worried that it was going to get hit, so I told myself that if it was out there at lunch I would take it home.

When I went out at lunch, the puppy was no where to be found. Part of me was relieved because I already had a dog at home and really didn't want another one.

Around 3pm I went to do a home visit and when I pulled back into the parking lot at 3:30 I noticed the little black puppy across the street. I yelled, "Here Puppy Puppy" and she came running. I picked her up and said to her:

"If you are here when I get off at 4:30 I will take you home."

When I got off at 4:30 I walked out to find this little black puppy sleeping on the front steps to the building.

I did what I promised to do and I picked her up, put her in the car and took her home.

As we drove home she sat on the back seat just looking at me. I was instantly in love.

When I first got Sophie she was only 3 months and was only 8 pounds. I have no pictures of her when she was a puppy and I am wishing I had taken more pictures of her.

For the last 10 years Sophie has been my best friend and my constant companion. She is always there when I get home and loves me even when I am having a really bad day. The only thing she wants in the whole world is to be with me.

I love everything about her. I love how when she lays down she puts her neck in a position that looks like it would be uncomfortable. It's when she gets in this position that she lets out a big sigh and I know she is content. I love how she prefers to eat laying down. I love how excited she gets when I pick up the leash to take her for a walk. Last night I woke up at 3:30am and found her sleeping right next to her food bowl and her head was wrapped around it. I didn't want to take a picture because I didn't want to wake her up.

I love you Sophie. You truly are one of the coolest dogs ever and I am so thankful that you found me ten years ago today.


Brandi said...

both my babies are rescues. one was a severe neglect case (like she weighs a healthy and normal 60 lbs now and she weighed 28 lbs when we got her-and she was full grown). I think they find us when we need them sometimes. Thank you for taking her and loving her. I always get teary when I read stories like this-it gives me hope.

redfrog27 said...

I am glad you have Sophie also and she seems like a cool dog.I am trying to embrace the evilness in Pepper although today has been a good day.Totally fell in love with Bufford.HAPPY ANNIVERSARY SOPHIE.

Lynilu said...

Sophie is definitely one of the world's coolest dogs. I'm glad I had her for a neighbor for so many years (even if she encouraged my three to run up and down the fence, barking like mad dogs!!!). She is a special, sweet, loving dog, and you're both lucky to have the other one. Happy anniversary to you both. Today is a day to be celebrated for sure.


PS - I miss you guys!

MJ said...

I never understood how a person could feel so much love for a dog until I got Sadie....I get how you feel about Sophie, the sweetie that she is.

Renaissance Woman said...

That is a sweet story! Sophie is a very lucky doggie...she found her soul mate!

Monogram Queen said...

You (and she) are both very very lucky!!!

amy h said...

Happy Found Day, Sophie!