Thursday, August 21, 2008

Laptop still sick

I spent most of last night trying to fix my laptop, but it is still pretty sick. I emailed our IT guy this morning to see if I could drop it off and have him look at it. I really hate computer problems. I feel so cut off from the real world. I have not been able to look at blogs and probably won't until my laptop gets fixed. Unlike my last job, I don't have time to blog during the day at work. I am so sad that I have no idea what you guys are doing, what your pets are doing, what you're having for dinner, etc. This just sucks!!!!

The good news is it's Thursday and I have a date tonight. I woke up this morning with butterflies and even though I say I not that nervous, I think there is a small part that is just a tad nervous. I am sure those nerves will disappear once I see her. We talked on the phone last night for most of the night, which was nice since I was just sitting there watching my computer run virus scans.

This morning when I got to work I saw on the Internet that not only does McCain not know how many houses he owns (WTF is up with that??? How can you not know?), but Ricky Martin became a father to twin boys a few weeks ago. I feel so out of the loop with celebrity gossip.

When I am not at work I am able to check my email from my cellphone, so I will get your comments, but won't be able to respond to them or check your blogs. I hope to have my laptop back and running before the weekend because I really miss you guys!!!!

P.S. Happy Birthday to my Mom.


Lynilu said...

I love that you say you feel "out of touch with the real world." Uhmmm, Caroline, I know it is hard to understand, but honey, this is the BLOG WORLD! The REAL one is the boring one!! LOL!

Renaissance Woman said...

Happy Birthday to your mom! And good luck tonight...hope it turns out great.

R said...


redfrog27 said...

Good luck tonight. Hope the laptop gets fixed.

Eye of the Rainbow said...

I Hope you have a great time tonight!

Audra said...

how stinky!!! Dylans laptop just went on the brink as well.