Monday, August 04, 2008


Once I get home I like to stay home; especially when it's as hot as it is. But tonight something got me to go out to the store at 9:30pm and it's not something I am real proud of.

Yes, I went out to buy the new People magazine with pictures of Brad and Angelina's new twins.

My name is Caroline and I have an addiction to celebrity gossip.

P.S. The babies are adorable.


Renaissance Woman said...

Admitting your addiction is the first step! I have been moved to make a late night store run. But it's usually ice cream that does it for me.

Monogram Queen said...

I was going to "peep" at the mag when we were in Walgreens last night but there weren't any! I"m sure they are adorable but the hoopla surrounding them is ridiculous!

Lynilu said...

THANK GOD, you finally admitted it!!!

MJ said...

My name is MJ and I'm with you...thanks for letting me look at it.