Sunday, July 20, 2008

Good Weekend for Some

It's been a good weekend, at least for me. The pets are another story.

Friday night I watched P.S. I Love You and loved it. A friend sent me a txt message during it and I told her I was watching it and I guess she didn't realize I had not finished the movie yet because she asked how I liked the end and then said what happened. Ha!

Saturday I worked for a couple hours, ran a couple errands and then came home and did nothing. Well, I did nothing after I worked out. Speaking of working out....I lost 3lbs this past week. Yay!! Only 47 more pounds to go. :)

Yes I had a great weekend, but my pets did not. Let's recap:

Friday AM: In my frustration with other things I yell and curse at Sophie. I feel guilty all day long. My guilt caused me to stop and buy her a new toy, she got a car ride to the convenience store and part of my dinner. All was well again.

Saturday AM: I take Sophie to the groomer and she is furious with me. I had a hard time getting her to get in the car and ended up losing my patience with her again. While she is at the groomer I feel guilty and stop and buy her a can of moist dog food. We make peace again Saturday night after she shares my dinner...again.

Saturday PM: I buy Ben a collar with a bell so I can hear if he is by the door when I leave. When I put the collar on him he starts thrashing around and gets his bottom teeth stuck in the collar. Thankfully the collar unlatched before he broke his jaw. After a few hours he decides I am safe again only to find out I was hiding the collar. I put it on him and he runs under the bed where he will spend the next two hours. I finally lure him out with the laser pointer. Peace was made when we went to bed and he curled up next to me laid his face on my hand.

I think everyone in my house hopes this week is better then last week.

*Picture of my Citronella candle


Renaissance Woman said...

Sounds like your guilt results in treats...I'm sure the pets are actually hoping for repeat of this week. :)

Lynilu said...

You are such a softie, spoiling critter-mom!!! You crack me up! Sophie especially plays you like a well-worn fiddle! I absolutely love it!!

Julie said...

Sometimes it sucks to have to put the hammer down. I just say "I'm the mom, I'm the mom" over to myself.

Monogram Queen said...

Ah we all lose patience sometimes. I am laughing at Lynilu's assessment!