Sunday, July 06, 2008

End of a Great Weekend

Summer is officially here. I think it's cooler in hell then in Kansas City today. Keep in mind this is coming from a person that hates heat and would rather put up with 10 feet of snow and temperatures in the teens. So I imagine it's hot outside, but not that bad.

My sleep schedule is completely out of wack since I got to bed so late Friday night. It was overcast yesterday so I ended up staying in and taking a 4 hour nap. When it was time for bed my body was finally waking up. I fell asleep around midnight, but was up at 6am. Thankfully I went back to bed for a few hours and I am really hoping by tonight my sleep schedule will be back to normal.

I am in the process of opening an online store on Etsy to sell prints of my photographs. I have six up at work and I am always getting compliments, so I decided to see if I could make a little extra money with my photos. My dream job is actually to travel around the country taking pictures. Maybe one day.

I finished this book today. It is a great story and I love how it is written. This would be a great book to make a movie from. Now it's time to find another book to read.

I saw a commercial showing the preview for the new season of Dog the Bounty Hunter. I used to love that show, but now I am not so sure. Is anyone else thinking about watching the new season?

Hope everyone had a great weekend.


redfrog27 said...

Honestly I keep forgetting about his show since the switch over to directv my viewing has competly changed and the only reg show i watch everyday is days of our lives.

Lynilu said...

Ugh. I just looked at your weather. It's gonna be even hotter tomorrow!! I'm so glad to be where I am!!

When I get off a fairly regular schedule of sleep, it takes me several days to get back to "normal." But I'm sure that is partially my age, too. I'm glad you're smart enough to rest this weekend and be ready for the work week.

Does it seem to you that this weekend just flew by? Does to me!

redfrog27 said...

Hey Caroline I posted a pic of one of the dogs on the blog if you get a chance go check it out as you are a big dog person.

Caroline said...

redfrog--i hate when my channels move as always takes me a while to figure out where all my shows are. i did go and check out your blog...very cute dog you have.

lynilu--can i come visit this week since it's going to be so freakin hot?

Renaissance Woman said...

It has been cool here in Denver as well. In the 80's and rain! rain danced has worked. I'll look into your book. Thanks for the review.

R said...

HI! hope you are doing well!!

Patti_Cake said...

I have been sleeping in on the week-ends lately and I DREAD getting up tomorrow. I would almost rather be boiled in hot oil than deal with my asshat of a boss *sigh*. I hate my job but it would be impossible to get another making the $ I make in Florence. Oh well i'm praying about it and hoping for a change. All in good time.
I hope you get your sleep rhythm back on track. I used to work 3rd shift and it REALLY messed me up. I just could never get used to it.

Caroline said...

renaissance woman--sounds like i need to move to denver to get the kind of summers i like

r--yep, doing well except i am a little depressed that this long weekend is over

patti--lol, you crack me up patti. when i first started i worked one third shift and it about killed me. i just can't handle it.

Lynilu said...

Yes, ma'am, you may!!! Get movin'!! Time's a-wastin'!!!


Teaberry said...

I used to love to watch Dog the Bounty Hunter... I guess I have sort of forgotten about it. What makes it different this season?

Audra said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Etsy! It's a great place to sell exactly that! Your photos are great and I think you could do well there!