Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Random Thoughts on a Wednesday Night

I woke up and the right side of my nose was hurting. My first thought was that maybe a tick went up my nose and got lost. I imagine it's just a sinus infection, but I decided to Google side of nose hurting. This article came up as one of the results. I about peed my pants laughing at this. I really had no idea that there were different categories of nose pickers. Man, I am still laughing. Oh, and as for the "tick vomit".....Someone at work told me that I should not take a tick off with a match because when you do that the tick could vomit in your skin. I almost threw up when she told me that. My co-workers are filled with so much knowledge.

The pool is finally open in my complex. I am so excited. MJ....the tanning competition has officially started. Yes, winter is my favorite season and I would chose a snowy day over a sunny day, but there is one benefit of summer. I love being tan. Last summer I spent almost no time outside and I felt like crap for most of the summer. I really think it was because I was not outside in the sun very much. Being outside with Sophie so much already has me feeling better then last summer. Plus, I always feel better about myself when I am tan.

I have been feeling this amazing sense of freedom since Sunday. I feel like anything is possible and that there are a lot of very good things about to happen in my life. I think I felt that if my parents didn't love me then no one else would love me. Well, I now know that not only do my parents love me, but I am loved by so many other people. I have never felt as loved as I do right now.

Life is so good right now.


redfrog27 said...

Good is always great.Keep it up I wish i could tan but red hair and freckles means red as a lobster.

MJ said...

You are on--as long was we only compare arms--my golfer tan is vicious. They do have foot tanners that I might invest in- so no sock likes. Need to figure out what to do with my golf gloved hand.

You are worth being loved by everyone!

Locks said...

your post is inspiring. im so happy for you im happy!


Monogram Queen said...

Enjoy that pool hon. I have only laid out twice and i'm quite tan if I do say so myself. Of course i'll probably end up looking like the old lady in "There's Something About Mary" but at that age who the hell cares? LOL

Anonymous said...

Yay you!

Caroline said...

redfrog--i love what you said..good is always really is

mj--i am looking forward to seeing who the winner is after labor day...:)

locks--thank you for your kind comment.

patti--lol at your comment. we were just talking about that movie today, but was in regards to what he did to calm down before the date...

traci--i am so happy that things are finally looking up for me