Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pain in my......Foot

Last week when I was walking Sophie I walked right into a huge branch and scratched the crap out of my left ankle. I immediately noticed that it was in the shape of a heart. On Saturday when I was at the pool the scab got wet and then it got sun burned. By yesterday my ankle was hurting pretty badly. A few of my co-workers were concerned and said I needed to go to the doctor because it was infected. I decided instead to clean it out with Peroxide. This morning it is looking better, but still hurts like a Mother F_____. Last night I took a picture of it, so if you have a weak stomach you might not want to look at the picture.

What I think is funny is the stray cat in the background. This particular cat is very friendly to me and has two of the cutest babies. I am proud of myself because I am not feeding them, just putting out water. I can not make any promises this winter about not feeding the strays.

Anyway, my foot is looking better so I don't think I will be losing my foot as some of my co-workers thought yesterday.

This afternoon I am going to the dentist to have some work done. I have a slight headache today, so I expect by tonight my head will be hurting a lot worse and with the pain from my ankle and mouth I might be acting like I am dying.

I am sure tonight I am going to be a lot of fun to be around.


Anonymous said...

Caroline, that sore looks very ugly and infected...be careful you dont get celulitis in it or you will be visiting your local ER every 8 hours for IV antibiotics. Been there, done that TWICE. Not fun in the dead of winter between Xmas and New Years with all the wackos dropping in as well. Just keep a close watch on it!!


btw good luck at the dentist

Renaissance Woman said...

Ouch! I thought it was a doggy in the background. Funny! Your ankle story reminds me of Little House on the Priaire. Do you remember the episode. Why do I???

Caroline said...

ruth--i am keeping an eye on it. it looks so much better today, but is still hurting a little. there are 3 nurses where i work and i am having one of them look at it each day to make sure it is healing right...thanks for the concern

renaissance woman--i thought of that episode last night as well. the fact that you thought shows me a lot about who you are as a person...:) you probably thought about it b/c i talk about little house all the time on my blog.

Eye of the Rainbow said...

i hope it heals soon, it looks nasty! Like it hurts alot! At least you have nurses that can look at it for you!
Hope the trip to the dentist went ok.
take care

beans said...

eweee.yuck. I hope it is feeling better soon, and that the trip to the dentist went ok.

Francesca said...

Hey Caroline, I hope you are doing okay and you haven't had too hard a time since your visit with the dentist. Glad the sore on your leg isn't as bad as your co-workers thought! Be careful and stay away from those bullying branches! ;)

Julie said...

Ewww. -:)

Sandra said...

I don't get grossed out by things, but it sure does look infected. Keep putting Bacitracin on it or some antibiotic, that's probably all the doctor would give you anyway?