Sunday, June 08, 2008

Go Ahead....Ask Me

This has been such a busy weekend. It was so much fun having Sadie here for a couple days. Sophie is not used to sharing me and it's so funny to see her so jealous. I had a friend over last night and Sophie wouldn't even let her pet Sadie.

Sadie always sleeps with me when she comes to visit and this is usually how I wake up:
Notice Sadie is right in the middle of the bed. To the left is where I sleep. She leaves me no room at all. What's funny is when I wake up in the middle of the night and her nose is laying on my face.
Look at that face.....what an absolute sweetie.

You guys are always hearing from me and now it's time for me to hear from you . If you could ask me one question......what would your question be? In a few days I will do a post with my answers. Nothing is off limits on this one. So go ahead......ask me.


Lynilu said...

That face always looks innocent!! ALWAYS!!

Do I have a question? Nah. I know everything about you! Careful, or *I* might answer some of those questions you are asked on the post!!! :D

Caroline said...

lynilu--not everything.....:)

MJ said...

You know what my question is...don't you. Sadie was very grateful for her vacation. Cowboy and I were grateful for her good care.

Renaissance Woman said...

I have to think about a good question. That doggie is so cute.

Julie said...

The cat ears behind the pillow crack me up in that photo. (Are they cat ears???)
My question is more of one for both of us...when are we going to plan a trip to NM?

Caroline said...

mj--you really are persistant aren't you? :) i am glad sadie enjoy her stay at "camp caroline".

renaissance woman--looking forward to your question...and yes sadie is as cute in person as in the pics

julie--yes, those are bonks ears. i can really tell that my pets are accepting that sadie will be a regular visitor....sophie didn't bark when she first saw her and the cats slept on the bed while she was there. as far as your question...i will email you

R said...

Hmmmm.. if you only had 24 hours to live, what would you do?

Lynilu said...

Caroline, you crack me up!! You're calling MJ persistent??? Uh, does "Wilson" mean anything to you????


Go, MJ! Go, MJ! Go, MJ! Go, MJ! Go, MJ! Go, MJ! Go, MJ!