Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Secret

In the last few weeks, my cat Bonk has been losing her balance. She can't jump into the window anymore because of her balance. If she does manage to jump up there then she falls off the ledge. I am wondering if I should take her to the vet or is this just something I should expect since she is 21.

The other thing I have noticed is she is sleeping a lot. I know cats sleep a lot, but she seems to sleep so much more lately. Since we moved into our apartment Bonk has started sleeping with me. Bonk used to be a cat that did not like being held and certainly did not cuddle. In fact she was named Bonkers because we all thought she was kind of a crazy cat. In the last three years Bonk has transformed into this completely different cat. Now she wants to cuddle and will cry for me to pick her up. Her favorite thing for me to hold her and just walk around with her.

I was 14 when one of my brothers girlfriends left her at my parents house. I am so thankful that my parents allowed her to stay and become part of our family. I think you can see where I got my love of animals from.

When I tell people that I have a cat that is 21 most look at me in amazement. I wish I could figure out what the secret is so I make sure I do it with all my pets.


Eye of the Rainbow said...

You're a good mother, thats all it takes :) All your animals are beautiful!!! It was nice chatting with you tonight! I hope you have a good memorial day!

MJ said...

Loving your pets, sure goes a long way, that's the secret. Hope you're having a good one.

Lynilu said...

Miss Bonk might be having some inner ear problems. Since she is losing/has lost her hearing, that would be my guess. And it might just be some weakening of her muscles with age.

She is very lucky to have you as her family. She has had a very good life, and I think she knows it in her own way. I'm so glad she stayed with you and didn't go with that other person!

Sandra said...

Sounds like what Laddie has, the inner ear problem. My vet said it's like having vertigo. It's called "Vestibular disease" if you want to Google it. My understanding is that it isn't life-threatening, but it isn't exactly fun for them either.

Teaberry said...

Hi! I have an older cat (not 21, but 11) who is also doing the same thing. He used to be very independent, but now will sit on my lap or lay beside me on the couch. He also has trouble jumping up these days, too... Maybe it's just an age thing?

Caroline said...

eye--thank you so much...and yes it was good talking to you as well

mj--overall it's been a good weekend. i have been very lazy, but that is just what i wanted to do

lynilu--every time i look at her i think of how she almost went to live with her. it has all worked out exactly the way it was suppose to

sandra--i have been helping her when she wants up on things. it's so weird how it just suddenly happens

teaberry--this is the first time that i have had an older cat, so all the things she is going through are new to me. thanks for stopping by and commenting

Renaissance Woman said...

21 years is great. For 18 years I had a cat that I loved more than anything (he was my best friend). My goal was 21 years, but he had kidney disease and I finally had to put him down in February. Very hard...but I wouldn't change loving him for the world.

I think you should take your cat to the vet.

Monogram Queen said...

I think Bonk is just showing regular signs of age. Pets bring a LOT to our lives don't they?!