Friday, May 30, 2008

Little House~The Musical

OK, so I heard today that they are making a musical for Little House on the Prairie. How awesome is that!!!! And I heard that Melissa Gilbert is playing Caroline (Ma). This year keeps getting better and better with each day.

I was so tired today at work. I was up until about 2am and had to be at our main offices for a meeting at 9am. I will be brain was not as sharp as it usually is. After work I took Sophie for an extra long walk. Starting Monday I am going to get serious about losing weight and getting into shape, so both Sophie and I need to get used to walking a lot in the evenings. We walked out to the entrance of our apartment building and then up this narrow 2 lane road for about one block. I was just trying to get us to this parking lot where we could jog for a bit. I am not sure I will do that again because we almost got hit 3 times because people did not care that Sophie and I were on the shoulder of the road. There is a small creek on the side of the road so the shoulder is very narrow and there is not a lot of room. One car got so close to us that if Sophie or I had moved just a few inches closer we would have been hit. We only had maybe 50 feet to walk, but it was literally a near death experience. Once we got to the parking lot I started jogging with Sophie. I have a lot of work to do (and so does Sophie), but we will get there. Sophie is a good sport to run along with me in the heat. Sophie has been asleep since 6:30pm and I imagine she will sleep rest of the evening.

Sunday is June 1 and I am anxious to get that day over with. Getting the email from my Dad kind of put a twist in the whole situation, but I almost feel as if it was a sign for me that my parents do still think about me and love me. That email might be just what I needed to let go of all that anger and sadness I have held inside for so long.


Eye of the Rainbow said...

A musical huh? that will be cool, you'll have to go see it!!

Lynilu said...

"...I needed to let go of all that anger and sadness I have held inside for so long."


Rest well, dear. I was going to call you tonight, but I won't. I'll let you slumber in peace.


MJ said...

Oh my--I can see it now, you'll be counting down the days until the musical comes to town.

Come to my neighborhood to walk with me. Heavens knows I need the walking plan.

Get some rest.

Julie said...

I read articles about ppl who commute via bikes to work and I want so badly to try it, but I live in a city with drivers who HATE cyclists.

Caroline said...

bobbie--a LHOTP musical would be the coolest thing ever.

lynilu--i am shocked at all the changes in my thinking, etc in the last month

mj--sophie and i would love to come walk with you and sadie...just let us know when

julie--most of KC is friendly to people walking or cycling, but i happen to live in an area where people just don't care

redfrog27 said...

Hi Caroline I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday we had a dispute with our cable company which had to switch to Verizon and they finally got everything set up just a friendly plug here love direct tv but for some reason its showing Franklin Pennsylvania instead of Cambridge Springs hope everything is well will have to catch up with your blog when i have a little more time.

Sandra said...

A musical? Can Melissa Gilbert sing? Oh well, who cares, right?

Just a word of caution (this may not apply to you) but my father once tried similar things, with short notes. It was just to see if I'd respond - the church actually advised him to do this, and to keep trying until he caught me "in a weak moment" because then they might be able to take control and pull me back into the church. Luckily, I never had a weak moment! I hope this isn't the case with you- I hope his motives were pure.

Monogram Queen said...

You have GOT to be kidding me! LOL I honestly think they will make a musical out of ANYTHING these days.
Still i'm a huge fan of the Little House Books. HUGE