Sunday, May 18, 2008

Down on the Farm

So my day on the farm was one of the best days I have had in a long time. MJ and I had a blast on the drive down and she showed me where you can get the best Coke. The minute we got out of the car I noticed how quiet it was. Living in the city I think I forget how loud it really is.

MJ was the perfect host and showed me all around the farm. I loved all the details she gave me about what the farm was like when it was a working farm. She then took me on a tour of the farm on the mule. I only knew what a mule was from watching "Little People Big World" and it was actually fun riding around on it. You know I am a city girl when riding on the mule felt like an amusement park ride.

As we were getting close to the cows MJ asked if I had ever been close to a cow. Because I hadn't she let me know that I should not make any sudden moves. That actually had me a little concerned and I wondered if I would be attached by the cows. A few did seem to have some anger issues and didn't seem to like the fact that I was taking their picture, but all in all they were great. I did ask if I could bring one of the babies back with me and I was reminded that they don't stay small for long.

MJ's family is awesome and I think I met everyone yesterday. Her Mom had asked if I grew up in the city and I told her that I had, but I had spent most of my summers as a child in Northern Minnesota and she said, "Yea, you have the country in you." I took that as a huge compliment.

If you want to see all the pictures I took then click HERE.

As we were leaving I was told that I could come back anytime and I really don't think MJ's parents realize what they were saying to me. If I ever just disappear, look for me on the farm.


MJ said...

Just so you know, I talked with my dad today and he told me that when Cowboy wasn't going to the farm with me, that you needed to ride along. He said, "If she can put up with us, she's welcome anytime." That's a huge compliment coming from my father.

Lynilu said...

You look entirely too comfortable and happy on the tractor! I'm surprised that MJ was able to get you in the car to go home!! LOL!!

Monogram Queen said...

Loved the pics! I am scared of cows too.
I wondered about the "mule" down here we ride on "gators" LOL

Anonymous said...

MJ is right, that is a huge compliment from dad. Thanks for coming down and putting up with the whole family. There was a lot going on, glad you were able to join us.
"the graduate's mom"

Caroline said...

mj--how awesome for your dad to say that. your family is so great.

lynilu--i think the next test will be if MJ and her family let me drive the tractor. wow, that is kind of a scary thought..oh and mj tricked me into getting in the car. :)

patti--huh..gators...that's funny that you guys call it that..but i guess it's funny to you that it's called a "mule" here

anonymous--thanks so much for the compliment. i appreciate you guys being so welcoming to me. i look forward to coming back down when there is a little bit more time to visit.