Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Day I Became an Aunt

14 years ago today I became an Aunt. When N was born I loved him as if he was my own child. When he was just two days old his Mom was admitted back in the hospital and he stayed with my parents and me until his Mom was released from the hospital. My Mom told me that I had the overnight duty and I had no idea why she was laughing when she said that. Not only did N wake me up every 2 hours to be fed, but I could not figure out how to keep him dry. It seemed that every time he peed he became soaking wet as well as the bedding. I still remember like it was yesterday waking up with him those few nights I had him. I loved all the sounds he made and how when I would feed him he would look me right in the eyes. After those few days N and I spent together, I knew what love really felt like.

Through most of N's life my parents have babysat him almost every weekend. I used to love when he would come visit and I soon realized how incredibly fun it is to be an aunt. I got to spoil him rotten and there was nothing anyone could say to me about it.

N has always been sweet and sensitive and I wonder if he is still that way. The last time I saw N was in December 2006. I was very lucky that N's Mom let me see him a couple times even though rest of the family disagreed. I went to his house and took him some Christmas presents. When I pulled up he saw my car and went running to me. I will never forget his expression when he saw me or the way he threw his arms around me. Sadly I have not seen or talked to him since that December day.

N also has a very funny side and loves to tell jokes. When he was 4 or 5 I had taken him to Rainforest Cafe and as we were driving home out of nowhere he said, "Do you know why Johnny put pennies in his diaper?" I really thought he was talking about a kid in his daycare. I told him I didn't know and he said with a giggle, "Because he wanted to be changed". I remember thinking that this kid was pretty cool since he was able to tell a joke at such a young age. A few years later I told him that our birthdays were close to each other and he looked at me with this serious look and said, "No they aren't. You are a lot older then me. " At the time I was still in my 20s, so I was still able to laugh at his remark. :)

I love all my nephews, but I feel the closest to N. I know that N remembers me and has his own memories of me and the time we spent together. I look forward to his 18th birthday because I know that once he is 18 I don't have to worry about anyone saying I can't see him. In just 4 years I am hoping to reunite with my nephew and pick up where we left off in 2006.

Happy Birthday N. I hope you know how much I think of you and love you.


Eye of the Rainbow said...

Happy Birthday N!! I bet you are a great aunt :) Have a great day!!

MJ said...

He'll always remember those times. Memories like that don't go away.

Monogram Queen said...

I am sure N remembers the good times too. Hopefully one day he can reconnect with you!
Happy Birthday N!

Lynilu said...

I'm sure there is no possibility of him forgetting, because you two spent so much time together for years. And I'll bet he will be happy to see you when you get together. :)

J said...

So bittersweet..It brought tears to my eyes.. :)

Anonymous said...

The Great thing about Children you fool, You can never hide the truth form them when he turns 18 he will not want to see you that is a fact