Thursday, March 06, 2008

Someone Is Tired

I think someone is tired from all our walks.
I am walking Sophie a good 1 1/2 hours a day. We go on a 30 minute walk before I go to work, then another 30 minute walk when I get home. Throughout the evening we go on small walks and then about a 15 minute walk before we go to bed. The walks are doing both me and Sophie a lot of good. Sophie loves walks and she looks so happy when we are walking. And I am loving being out in the cool air. Most mornings it's in the 20's or 30's and I feel more awake when I leave in the morning.
Most evenings Sophie is sound asleep. I am hoping that all this exercise will help both of us to lose those extra pounds we gained this winter.

The cats are doing wonderful. I never had any concerns about Bonk because she acts like this has always been our home. Ben is walking around more and even finding new sleeping places:
As soon as I get home in the evening Ben comes out from behind the couch, says HI to me and then goes to sleep under the covers. I think he feels safe there, which is wonderful considering I had problems with him and the bed before we moved.

The last couple of nights I woke up and found Ben peeking out the door in the bedroom. I think it's so cute that he will only do this at night. I think he is working up the courage to look out during the day.

This weekend is kind of a celebration for me. Most might look at what happened a year ago devastating, but I found it to be something to celebrate instead. Be sure to check out my special post sometime this weekend.


SassyFemme said...

It really just seems like this was the best move for you AND the furry kids.

redfrog27 said...

ummmm can i interest you in an aussie shepard beagle mix can you say evil.Her favorite game to play is retrieve the dog.Rules for playing this game consists of 1 The stray cat named Leon has to be outside to play.2 It has to be dark
3.I have to be in a nightshirt and coat gloves are optinal.4It has to be after 10.5 and we need to run by the neighbors house who doesnt sleep and is a retired police officer and has several weapons in the house and bark as loud as we can.Ah the fun of owning a dog why cant she be like bufford our beagle who thinks walks are bad

redfrog27 said...

oh almost forgot its got to below 20 degrees outside

Julie said...

This move really DOES sound like the best thing!

Audra said...

They look so content!

Jane said...

That is one gorgeous kitty!!

Caroline said...

sassy--it really was the best move. i am so happy living in this apartment

redfrog--i am not too sure we could fit another pet in the apartment...but thanks anyway. :)

julie--i can't believe how happy and how at home i feel. it really feels wonderful

audra--the pets are becoming more and more content. i think sophie is still a little confused that she gets to stay out while i am gone..not locked in the bedroom anymore

jane--thank you..ben is a great cat and really is beautiful...i mean handsome

Patti said...

You know it's true, small places can be like cocoons, so safe. Ben looks so much like my Spooky & Sneaky!
Sophie is probably loving the tired though.

Eye of the Rainbow said...

N will have to be on Liptor for the rest of her life. They are working on getting it down, she is scared and nervous, been crying all day. But she is ok. Just thought i would let you know. By the way, cute pictures :)

Sphincter said...

Extreme animal cuteness!

Lynilu said...

Sophie looks zonked!! I'll bet it is doing you both a lot of good to walk together.

And I love the Ben pictures! He looks so completely content! I like what Patti said about cocoons ... yes, can be very safe feeling.

I am so happy for all of you!!

Lynilu said...

PS - How is Leon the Neon doing? (I know it's not a neon, but....)