Saturday, March 15, 2008

Full House

Lynilu made it here this afternoon. I think we were both a little nervous with so many dogs, but the dogs have done great. We went out to get some dinner and even left the dogs all out. When we got home they were all sleeping. The only interesting time is when it time to feed the dogs. We end up having to put the dog(s) that are eating in the bathroom so the others don't bother them. That seems to work out great.
Tomorrow we are going to drive around so Lynilu can see how the town has changed. I am also going to show her where I work, etc. We are then going to meet one of my really good friends for lunch. We are going to our favorite Mexican restaurant and it just so happens that my co-worker L works there on the weekends. So, I am excited for Lynilu to meet one of my co-workers that I talk so much about.
Before Lynilu arrived I looked and looked (and looked some more) for the piece of paper that had my password for my wireless system. I couldn't find it anywhere. After a quick call to the Geek Squad they were able to provide me with my password and Lynilu was finally able to access the Internet. In my opinion...she has a serious addiction to blogs. I am thinking an intervention may be her only hope. :)


Lynilu said...

Yeah, OK, so you get a group together and I'll be there for my "intervention." However, if you think for a nanosecond that you're takin' away "my" internet, you jus' be crazy!!!! (maniacal) LOL!!

Eye of the Rainbow said...

Im glad that lynilu made it there safely. Have a great time visiting with each other.

SassyFemme said...

Enjoy your visit together!

Patti said...

I can't talk, I share her blogging addiction as well *sigh*