Saturday, February 23, 2008

Crazy Talk

I could write a book about all the crazy things clients have done or said. My favorite just happened last Thursday.

We had a client come in for outpatient and he was obviously drunk. He ended up blowing a .238, which would explain why he was having trouble walking and slurring his words. As the nurse and counselor called the non-emergency ambulance I sat with this client. He was talking, but making no sense and I just sat and listened to him. When the ambulance arrived he looked at me and said, "Caroline, you're a good person despite what everyone else says."

I am still laughing about what he said.

So, now the important question is: What is everyone else saying about me?



Audra said...

Haha. Thats a running joke here in our office. "Mary, I like you, even when people say things behind your back"

redfrog27 said...

Does it matter,no ones opinion matters except yours.People will come and go but its yourself you look at in the mirror at night.

sageweb said...

You should have asked him while he was drunk. HE would have been more honest.

Patti said...

Don't take it personal - it's a very common phrase! LOL

Sandra said...

I suspect that's a funny line he's gotten laughs with before, especially after tipping back a few.

I like Patti despite what everyone says. BWAHHAHAHAHA :)

Caroline said...

audra--i think i am going to start saying this to some of my co-workers as well..

redfrog--you are so right about that..i have always said that what really matters is what you say to yourself in your quietest moments

sageweb--i was almost afraid to ask him for fear that i would laugh outloud are funny

sandra--you and patti are too funny..

Julie said...

I know they're right, but I'd have been wondering too.-:)

B.E.C.K. said...

Maybe he was trying to say that *he* is a good person no matter what anyone says. :)