Saturday, January 12, 2008

The View

My migraine is much better today. While I was waiting for the Tylenol to kick in I sat and brushed Sophie. It was so calming and really helped my head and Sophie loved the extra attention. I had to be at work by 7am today for my tech meeting; which went just fine. I still have one tech that is a complete bully, but other then that everyone seems to be doing better. Would you believe every single tech showed up??? I guess the fact that they were going to be written up if they didn't had a small part in that. Once I got home I was exhausted again. So I laid down and took a small nap and now I am feeling like it's finally the weekend and I can relax.

On my way home last night I stopped at my new apartment. The one they had shown me is not the one I am moving into and I wanted to see what my view was going to be. The above picture is directly outside my front door. I love it!! As I was standing on my front steps I thought I heard some water running. Turns out there is a small creek about 10ft. from my door. I can't wait to move. Earlier in the week I was feeling a little sad about moving into a studio apartment, but after seeing the view I am feeling a lot better about the move.

I will be moving on March 1. I am actually taking possession the day before; which is leap day. Here's an interesting fact: my parents first date was on leap day 1968. I will be calling the same moving company and I am sure I am the talk of their office. Three moves in 5 months. Well, this will be my last move for a while. Hey the good news is I know exactly how much it will cost.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!


Lynilu said...

That's a good view, and think how beautiful it will be this summer!!!

I'm glad you are better. Headaches of any kind are gruesome.

Keep your sense of humor about the moving!! If you can chuckle about it, you can get through it!!

Journey Through Life said...

Good luck with the move when it occurs. How wonderful to have a creek outside your door. How peaceful that will be.


Sandra said...

Oh my gosh imagine how pretty that's going to be in Spring/Summer when it's full of green leaves? And then in Fall when they turn? If you like the view now, it's only going to get better! What a lovely place to walk Sophie it will be.

amy h said...

That's a great little view. My apartment looked out on a parking lot. :) I lived in a tiny room (like 12x12) for three years, had a bed, TV, futon, desk, mini fridge, and it really was not bad at all. It was cozy. Maybe it will be a nice break from all the stress and responsibility you've had with your house. You'll have to let me know where you'll be now!

And Tylenol is no match for a migraine! You need either a cup of coffee with ibuprofin or some Excedrine Migraine and a dark room.