Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ben is Stressed

So I am still having trouble with Ben peeing on the bed. He has been to the vet and there is nothing wrong with him medically, so it is behavior. At first I thought it was because of all the stress we have been through. When I was so depressed and would sit on the couch just crying and I would look down and poor Ben would be sitting on the floor right at my feet just looking at me. I know he was really confused. Plus, Laura was Bens buddy. He loved her and loved laying on her. So when she moved out I know he really missed her. Then we had to say goodbye to Sophie-cat, Astro and then of course Brady. Brady and Ben used to always run around chasing each other and I know he misses him as much as I do, but he doesn't understand why he is gone. Then there is the whole packing during the summer and not going anywhere. For months and months the house had boxes all over the place, which was probably very hard for him.

Then we moved for real and that really freaked him out. He stayed in the basement the entire time and only came up a couple of times. Poor guy. He was very happy when we moved back to the house and I tried to convince him that he had dreamed the move. It didn't work.

On Tuesday Ben peed on the bed again. I washed everything again (for about the 50th time) and I did not put the bedspread back on the bed and have been using my sleeping back (all opened up) as the comforter. Well, that seems to have worked for now. He has not peed on the bed and I am hoping by getting rid of the comforter he will stop this horrible habit he has picked up.

Although, I did realize that the comforter is Laura's and maybe that is why he chose that to take his anger out on.


Patti said...

I know it's tough, I know it is but hang in there. You and Ben will get through it. Too bad he couldn't pee on Laura.

Trop said...

I hate to state the obvious, but close your bedroom door.

Caroline said...

patti--i just make sure that i give him lots of love in the evenings..i think he has a lot of anxiety

trop--do you really think i wouldn't have thought of that??? soemtimes he just gets in there without me question for you never have anything good to say when you come to my blog...why do you keep coming back??

amy h said...

Little Man has been peeing on our bed since we got back from Arizona. I think he was mad we made him sit in the car for six days. Then of course there is the whole new baby thing. It sure is a pain to be washing the comforter all the time. We try to keep the door shut, too, but somehow he always manages to sneak in.

I've read that you can never totally get smells out of fabric, and animals will pick up on that. Maybe that comforter needs to be retired. Things will eventually calm down and normalize, and I bet you will have your old Ben back.

redfrog27 said...

MY daughter said who is the cute cat as i was explaining the situation she asked if he was neutred and if he isnt maybe hes marking his territory.She said she would adopt him and his bad habits I explained we can not adopt animals that are not up for adoptions and she said good he must have a good home LOL cause i would not be that patient lol.

Caroline said...

amy--i am glad you understand that even though i shut the door sometimes Ben sneaks in there...when i move to the apartment i am going to get a new comforter...when i wash the sheets, i wash them with bleach

redfrog--yea, ben is not up for adoption. but that is cute what your daughter said.

Lynilu said...

Caroline I have a couple suggestions. I'll call you tonight.

Poor Ben. His stress is probably greater than the other cats because of his personality. He is so much like Echo, the wildness just won't go quite all the way away, and those babies seem to hold the stress at a greater level. :'(

Sandra said...

Hey I just left a comment here and I got an error message saying "Duplicate entry" so I hope this doesn't become another duplicate.

I used to have a male cat that did this, and I tried everything on him: kitty prozac, even female hormones that made him get fat and sleep all the time. Finally I tried a product called FELIWAY and it worked! It calms them, and is recommended for cats in stress, going through a move, etc. I used it for about a month before and after moving and I felt it really helped with the moving transition. It comes in a spray bottle or in a plug-in diffuser. I used the plug-in for general stress reduction, but when my male was peeing I used the spray on his 'spots' and in a matter of days he completely stopped doing it. Worth a try?